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DrRacket is a great Lisp editor. DrSync is a plugin that reverts your files when DrRacket’s frame activates and saves them when it deactivates. This is surprisingly helpful (it is maddeningly unpleasant without it). The code is here on Github too.


Scribble is a great documentation tool; it emits HTML and PDF using Latex, so you get all the niceties that come with it. I like to use Scribble for documenting other things besides Racket, so this tool provides file and operating system related Scribble functionality for Scribble.


Some old code to let Racket work with MPI.

Jess Sample Java Setup

I thought it would be to set up a real simple Java+Jess project to help myself out with the basics of dependency management and logistics of interaction between Java and Jess. With the hope that lowering the barriers to anyone interested in using Jess, I decided to throw the project out here. My particular interest in Jess is for where a rules engine might fit in a 3 month to 2 year long Java project with a team of 3-9.


Before finding DisplayFusion, I wrote C# code to provide both the libraries and helper programs to do three things:

  1. Get information about the windows on your MS Windows desktop.
  2. Move windows on your MS Windows desktop.
  3. Resize windows on your MS Windows desktop.


jao does amazing work on this lisp-machine style mode for Racket; I helped out a bit with the installer.


This fontifies your Emacs buffer as you wish. Eg: the lambda symbol instead of the word. Arthur wrote it; I added a bunch more symbols.


This adds a font-face for your parens in Emacs, very nice to have to quiet them down. Dave Pearson wrote it; I made tweaks so that a bunch of other Lispy modes could use it.


R7RS is the next Scheme standard. The guys are doing great work; I reviewed it.


All of my code is in github here, the rest (notes, homework, studies, silly stuff) is in my private repo.