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About Me

Grant Rettke is a software developer whose mission is to create a pleasant environment where the stakeholders may achieve their business goals, through the application of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. For the past fourteen years he has worked in software solutions and information technology in a variety of industries including finances, insurance, manufacturing, ecommerce, logistics, government, and education. He is responsible for all aspects of the software development process, from analysis and requirements collection to system design, implementation, testing, and deployment. Grant has experience with team collaboration, leadership, and management of development teams both in the US and India offices. He mentors and trains developers with a wide range of technical backgrounds and skill sets both on and off shore.

Currently Grant is working for a financial services company. Before that Grant was helping a local insurance company to define their new technical architecture, performing system integration for Wells Fargo, making sure that parcels got the correct routing information at FedEx, and helping a local service company to keep track of inspections using hand-held computers.

You could say that Grant is an “eternal student of life”. He believes that “wisdom begins in wonder”, which motivates him to always keep learning. He holds a B.S in Math, Statistics, and Computer Science, a M.S. in Software Engineering, and a M.S. in Computational Science from Marquette University.

When he is not working, he loves to speak at local conferences, walk, read, and most important of all, spend time with his family.

Contact: email, Twitter