The Opposite Of Afraid Isn't Fearless It Is Emboldened

Fearless is a great equalizer. It keeps its recipient humble. It draws her back to humanity of which we are all members. The fearless still fears but she fears less. The outcome is surprising: the fearless become emboldened and that is surprising and inspiring.

The emboldened do what they believe is right in the face of all obstacles. Simple but not simplistic she acts from her heart and her conscience without compromise. No matter the gender, race, religion, country or origin or political party (and the list goes on), fearlessness and the emboldened conscience unite us all no matter what we face. We are in it together. Hear, hear!

Mitochondria May Be the Missing Link in Understanding Stress Response

From Mitochondria May Be the Missing Link in Understanding Stress Response

a pioneering study, recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that mitochondria—the tiny energy centers inside our cells, which convert food into ATP, the crucial molecule that stores the energy humans need to do pretty much everything—may play a more significant role in the stress responses of mammals than previously understood, and even in understanding psychiatric and neurologic diseases.

The Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine is spectacular.

No Amount Of Feeling Bad About It Will Ever Make It Feel Better

No amount of feeling bad about it will ever make it feel better.

Bad also means mad and angry. They are both a good start to action for remediation.

Grief is different than feeling bad or mad. It is a process that includes them but is not limited to nor defined by them. Grief is a process. Feeling bad or mad is not.