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What is Your Blog Backup Strategy?

What is your blog backup strategy?

Mine is basic: rolling site and database backups.

Tests are currently done in a local instance but I’m moving testing into a Vagrant box instead.

VIM is a Perfect Configuration of EMACS

VIM is a perfect configuration of EMACS that has replaced Elisp with Vimscript and heavily utilizes transient keymaps and/or Hydras.

Cost For Building a FORTH Based Personal Computer?

How much would it cost to build a personal computer using a TI Launchpad and eForth?

It would need to output over HDMI and accept a USB keyboard. FAT32 for storage would make it easier to manage, too.

It is not this simple.

Best Way to Learn FORTH On TV

Running TurboForth on a TI-99/4A seems like the best way to learn FORTH on a TV.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Not Obtain IP Address

My Samsung Galaxy S3 refuses to retain it’s DHCP assigned IP address. The first post talked about this solution. Set up your phone manually, statically, on your network.

The key was to keep letting the router assign that IP address using DHCP; even when filtering by MAC address is turned off and the phone is set up statically!

Here is how to check the MAC address of your phone: Settings -> WiFi -> Settings -> Advanced.

Concatenating Media Files

Here is how to join media files with ffmpeg.

Create a file mylist.txt with all the files you want to have concatenated in the following form (lines starting with a # are ignored):

# this is a comment
file '/path/to/file1'
file '/path/to/file2'
file '/path/to/file3'

Note that these can be either relative or absolute paths. Then you can stream copy or re-encode your files:

ffmpeg -f concat -i mylist.txt -c copy output

Some FORTH Links

His Feelings About FORTH

This is a detailed and frank conversations about one man’s journey with FORTH.

A Scheme Interpreter in Forth

This is an interpreter for a really simple dynamically scoped Scheme dialect. It only runs with Gforth, because it uses Gforth’s structs to implement its data structures.

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Over the last two years a few questions and ideas have visited me and the following is my attempt to piece them together…