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Entity Framework Code First Migrations

Quickly learn about how EF handles schema migration in Entity Framework Code First Migrations.

Personal notes follow.


CB750F: Day 37: Carb 3 Linkage Rod Out

Carbs 1, 3, and 4 have synchronizing screws. They let you synchronize the throttle plates. That is a “bench synchronization”. When I did so, carb 3 would not stay adjusted correctly. It kept slipping out of alignment.


Correctly Setting the VMWare Provider for Vagrant on Windows

When you purchase the VMWare provider for Vagrant on Windows you learn that the provider name is vmware_desktop. The only time that you will ever use this name is when you install the provider and the license. If you use that provider name anywhere else you will get message

The provider ‘vmware_desktop’ could not be found, but was requested to back the machine ‘default’. Please use a provider that exists.

The correct provider name is vmware_workstation.

You might mix up the two names when specify a provider when you are bringing a box up. I did it. He did it. It is easy to do, especially if you scan a box page to find the provider name. The name there is for the name to install the license, not to start up a box.

This “issue” has been around for over a year and wastes about an hour of your time if you are facing it on Windows.

Entity Framework 4.1 – DbContext Data Access

Entity Framework 4.1 – DbContext Data Access covers the DbContext object. It is important. The lecture explains why it is important. It might seem abstract if you haven’t touched any of this stuff before. That is OK. You will recall it when you need it.

Personal notes follow.


A Very Slow, Very Easy Yoga Sun Salutation

This is as it is titled. It is really nice if you are learning it. Sun salutation is composed of many forms. All of them must be mastered. It is not a race. Going slow helps make it easier to learn and practice.

The Yamas and Niyamas Simply and Succinctly Explained

This overview covers the yamas and niyamas in a way that is guaranteed to speak to you.

How to Correctly Enable Flycheck in Babel Source Blocks

If you already have Flycheck turned on then you already have it running your babel source block buffers, but, it isn’t working how you expect it. That buffer hasn’t got a file name. Flycheck can’t be smart about helping you out here. Via this post, the solution follows.

(defadvice org-edit-src-code (around set-buffer-file-name activate compile)
  (let ((file-name (buffer-file-name))) ;; (1)
    ad-do-it                            ;; (2)
    (setq buffer-file-name file-name))) ;; (3)

This is one of those things that if you had though about it for a few minutes, you would have turned it on yourself. It reveals how easy it is to return to the mode of “application user” from “application designer”, of Emacs. That is the source of most of my dumb “misses” regarding workflow optimizations in Emacs.

Asynchronous Execution in Emacs Lisp

Simple asynchronous functions for emacs lisp

Via SheepHead.

How to Handle and Large Slow Org Files

When some of us open large Org mode files, Emacs becomes nearly unresponsive, and nearly unusable. My stock advice has always been to call #+STARTUP: showeverything or do a binary search more or less to figure out which package is stomping Emacs. In this post, though, Puneeth explains that the issue may go away entirely for some of us.

Giovanni Burlando’s Vision

Giovanni Burlando’s Vision via MilVinMoto.

That feels good.