Chapter 57. Controlling Paths With Anchors 6:25

  • Anchors are connected by Paths which hold Strokes
  • Anchors control the path
  • When the Pen tool has an asterisk next to it, it is telling that you are creating a new shape. You are not connecting it to anything. It is bran new.
  • When you hover an Pen that is creating Anchors over another Anchor and an open circle appears it means that you are going to “close the object”
  • How to create an open shape: A straight line for example
    • Couple ways
    • Go pick up another tool and switch back, never do this
    • Click to drop first Anchor, then second Anchor, then hit enter
  • If you Click-And-Drag to drop an Anchor, you can make non-straight lines
  • If you select the Direct Selection Tool and hover over an Anchor, it makes the anchor really big
    • Drag the Anchors around to reshape the object
    • Select as many anchors that you want
    • Bendy lines get reshaped too

Miracles Without Expiration Dates

Do you have a story about a miracle that you personally experienced? A lot of us do. Even if you don’t, you might have a friend or family member close to you that shared their story. The surprising thing about everyone’s experience here though is that the experience itself is easily forgotten!

It is a surprising attribute. Miracles are supposed to change your life for the better. They are supposed to inspire you to change your lives, and the lives of others for the better. They are supposed to be deeply meaningful, but in the end… they are not. In fact, they might not even be memorable. There is some comfort here though, and that comfort resides inside you.

Everyone human contains a unique property in this world: there is no one like them and they are here for a reason. That is miraculous. That miracle is inside of them and it is always with them. That miracle is untarnishable and it has an even more important property:

That miracle inside of you hasn’t got an expiration date. You will never forget about it. To simply be who you are in this world is to share it. There isn’t anything that you need to tell anyone about it.

You are your own miracle without an expiration date. It is the sole reason for your having taken birth as a human. Your job is to figure out that reason and start living it as quickly as possible.

Chapter 31. Working In Isolation Mode 4:32

  • Way to get to individual pieces in groups
  • Find a group, Double click on it
    • Top area shows that you are in that group
    • Rest of screen greys out
  • The greyed out areas are isolated from everything that you are doing
  • Double click again on an object and everything else greys out
  • Top area left arrow or escape-key lets you get out
  • Selection Tool → Option-Double-Click progressively selects
    • By double clicking on object in a group progressively selects all objects in inclosing groups

Chapter 33. Object Rotation And Smart Guides 5:16

  • Smart Guides shows useful information about context on artboard
  • Rotation tool
    • Set anchor
    • Drag to rotate
    • Alt-Drag to put a copy at the new location
  • Operate upon multiple objects
    • Select all objects
    • Click Rotate tool
    • Object → Transform → Transform Reach
    • Enable Preview
    • Remember that X, Y, and W are the transform panel
      • You can do the same thing there
  • Is it safe to align everything to pixel grid at the very end?