Org2Blog v1.1.11 Released

I just tagged Org2Blog v1.1.11. It’s got a few nice changes for easier blogging. It got a lot of changes to make it easier to contribute and report issues. After this, all of the work will bring it up to the current version of Emacs and Org mode. That work will begin in the v1.2.0 branch. For the sake of simplicity, consider it unstable (no matter how unlikely, that is where issues could show up). When it is ready, I’ll post it for people who want to test it out.

Happy Blogging!

Here is the change summary:

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Use all of Emacs’s modifiers on macOS with various keyboards.

When non-Emacs users observe Emacs users laboring over their key binding configuration their typical range of reactions include finding it to be interesting, surprising, remarkable, strange, weird, incredible, striking, bizarre, deviant, eccentric, freakish, monstrous, incomprehensible, inconceivable, incredible, unimaginable, and unthinkable. With that range reactions in mind it is self-evident that if you are reading this then you already know why you want to use more of the Emacs’s modifier keys you just want to know how. The purpose of this project is to capture one way of using all of Emacs’s modifier keys.

Try Out Org2Blog v1.1.0 Using This Package

Right now you can’t try out an Org2Blog v1.1.0 package from MELPA because it isn’t yet building using Org2Blog’s new recipe. Eventually the pull request will get merged. Once it does I will push the changes. However, you can still try out v1.1.0 using a package.

If you’ve been waiting to try Org2Blog v1.1.0 using a package then you can download it here just download the tar file. After downloading it you can install it from Emacs by typing M-x package-install-file and then choosing the file org2blog-master.tar you just downloaded.

The package manager should install the required packages but if it doesn’t it will warn you and you can manually install them. Depending on how you configured package-archives and package-archive-priorities everything should go just fine. Let me know if it doesn’t.

Checkout the now included within the package.

Happy blogging