Potential Keyboard Builders Need a Switch Sampler

MAX keyboards sells a MAX Keycap, Cherry MX Switches, Gateron Switches, O-Ring Ultimate Sampler Tester Kit.

Might seem crazy to buy a sampler but it lets you do two cool things

Lessons learned after “typing” on it (trying it out) for 3 days

  • The switches are noticeably different
  • It takes a few days to feel the difference
  • Coming from a MacBook Pro, the linear switches feel great
    • Supposedly only for gamers, would be fine for Mac users
  • Should use different switches for different parts of the keyboard
    • Main keys: weak springs because used so frequently
    • Control keys: strong springs because you want to know it happened
    • Modifier keys: strong springs because you will rest your strong fingers there
  • Might make you feel better about laying down the cash for a bunch of switches before you have “first hand” experience with them

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