Chapter 27. Group And Direct Selection Tips 6:48

  • Will cover
    • Selection Tool
    • Group Selection Tool
    • Magic Wand Tool
    • Lasso Tool
  • Select multiple objects with the Selection Tool
    • Object → Group
    • Make them into a group
    • Can un-group them
  • Group Selection Tool
    • Get into a group and select a piece of the group without un-grouping it
      • Key cap configure perhaps is made of groups?
      • How to deal with each logical keycap layer having it’s own font?
    • Lets you move individual objects keeping them in their group
  • A group of groups of objects is a nest
  • Select one group, shift-click another group, now you can group those two groups
  • This seems to be one way to keep everything positioned correctly
  • Each time you click a nest it cycles through selecting all of the groups
    • Group logically related features as their own groups so that you can dig deeper and deeper as you would expect
  • Double-clicking objects in a nest access isolation groups which cycles through the nested groups
  • Either way when you are in a particular group, the edit menu operates on the objects in that group. So Edit → Select All selects everything in that group. Obvious but news to me.
  • Just noticed in the top area that it also shows the groups including the one that you are in right now
  • How long do groups live?

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