Chapter 80. Container And Point Type 11:10

  • Text
    • Ain’t boring
    • Can do anything to Text
  • Use the Typography workspace
  • AI falls into the category of Typesetter
    • Like LaTeX?
  • Use InDesign (ID) for writing
  • Point text ignores the right margin
    • You gotta hit Enter to get a new line
  • If a Text object has focus and you want to insert text somewhere else
    • Command-Click then release and the cursor changes to a box so you can insert a Text
  • Drag a giant Text area
    • Soft-returns happen automatically in here
    • This is Container Text
  • Twist Text
    • Container; text remains vertical and fills bounds
    • Point: text rotates
  • Ditto for resizing box
  • Double-click the bar-thing to switch between Point and Container text

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