Uninstall Subversive

Although Subversive is the official Eclipse Subversion provider, the plugin itself doesn’t behave very well. In particular, it is impossible to uninstall it (v0.7) using the “Software Updates” dialog. The only option is to delete the jar files yourself (in 2001 I remember hoping that soon, we wouldn’t have to do stuff like this). Here are the files to delete:

(Disclaimer: this worked for me, I make no promises for what it might do to your Eclipse installation)


20 thoughts on “Uninstall Subversive”

  1. Grant, I understand. I came to your page searching for a way to uninstall Subversive and finally what I’d written worked for me, so thought will write it here so others might try that out to see if that works for them now :)

    Tim, very true. I have installed Subclipse and I must say it works really well. So just enjoy using it. It doesn’t give me any problems even when I use other command line scripts for updating, checking out files.. at least till now. And for the record, I am using the Eclipse for Java basic version (and then added WTP to it).

  2. It works in Indigo. (Which is surprising, as Indigo seems to have reimplemented a lot of Bugs that used to be fixed in Helios.)

    Anyway, without this page I never would have managed to find the install/deinstall dialog.

    I HAD to use Eclipse in 2005 and the only thing I remembered was that it was a blooming pain in the bottom to get it configured decently. I HAVE to again, and I can’t say the gui has improved since.

  3. Garry:

    I guess the one thing we can complement Eclipse on is their consistency in that regard :).

  4. After much struggle, I discovered it is completely possible to truly uninstall Subversive. Even manually deleting the .jar files and every other reference to both org.polarion… and org.eclipse.team.svn didn’t work; the Team Provider and SVNKit still showed up in the Installation Details dialogue under Installed Software and I couldn’t click Uninstall… until I realized it was because I still had CF projects with SVN connections. I deleted the CF projects and, viola!, I was finally able to click Uninstall… and remove the SVN components listed under Installed Software. A reboot of the IDE was required, but their gone now and cleanly.

      1. Perhaps ColdFusion projects?

        Issue might be that projects still contain SVN references and that is why Uninstall doesn’t work.

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