A FP Water Bottle

Here is the image that I would probably use if I were to get a custom 1L water bottle from CafePress:
While it is the PLT Scheme logo, lambda is certainly not PLT Scheme specific ;).

5 thoughts on “A FP Water Bottle”

  1. Geoff:
    The image above is configured for the 1L water bottle. The quote can be changed, to, but this one seemed to be in just the right spirit: hopeful, positive, not snarky…

  2. Personally I wouldn’t choose a Dijkstra quotation for a PLT bottle. I like Eli’s .sig:
    ((λ(x)(x x))(λ(x)(x x)))
    Oh, wait. I see the context of your Dijkstra quotation–he was talking about Lisp.
    Matthias has some neat quotations on his home page.
    Probably the best collection is here:
    and I see it includes the one from Dijkstra.

  3. Geoff:
    Exactly I wanted something LISP related, but, I also wanted it to be “accessible” for non-LISP people.
    I figured that the PLT logo, and if nothing else the lambda, would be recognizable enough for people who are interested in that sort of thing.

  4. Geoff:
    If you are interested in a sticker then let me know. Each sheet has 20 stickers, and I don’t have a use for that many.

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