A database on your desktop?

If your business users utilize data that is critical to their success then you need to help provide a pleasant way for them to manage that data. GUI tabular data management programs like MS Excel and LibreOffice or OpenOffice are obvious choices for their ease of use alone. In practice, that ease of use is guaranteed to cause problems for them down the road, and usually at horrible times. Wondering what is a good option if you just stuck with CSV data, I posted here. The replies were informative and helpful, and my take away is that the best option for managing tabular data, if you are not bound to the applications mentioned above, is to use a database… no surprise. How do you do that though while still making it easy for the business and at a reasonable cost? The answer is SQLite.

It uses files that you may share and version. It is a real RBDMS. It runs on every OS. There are graphical management tools. It works well with R.

In practice, there are important details, and it is great to know that there is a realistic and practical solution to manage those details.

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