Review of the HamTestOnline (HTO) Ham Radio Exam Courses

HamTestOnline (HTO) helps you learn more than required to earn your licenses in less time than every other method. HTO does it by maximizing your learning. That unique feature defines its super-power differentiating itself from every other approach.

After completing both the Technician and General exam you will find yourself staring at Amateur Extra (Extra) and it is scary and intimidating. Unlike the first two exams now you must understand the concepts completely. You will never pass Extra using memorization, or any other “cheater” methods. You must understand the concepts, their implementation and consequences, or you will never pass.

For example consider the section on semiconductors. You must understand the pros and cons of using them, their construction and their operation at the atomic level.

If you understand all three, then it is possible to pass the exam. If you fail to understand just one of them, then the questions are too difficult. In fact, you will probably get most of them wrong because they are strung together. Nearly all of the questions are like that. You fail on one aspect of a single topic and next thing you know, you’ve got seven wrong answers in a row. If you want to learn everything and more required to pass the exam then you must study using HTO because it works. There is no magic with HTO.

HTO’s method is to study each subject’s topics in their logical order. This feature alone sets it apart from other study methods which follow the question pool which at times includes items that are wildly out of order. Then as you work through questions from the question pool it takes note of both your strengths and weaknesses. Based on what it learns about you, it starts choosing areas from the question pool that help solidify your strong areas and strengthen your weak areas. It helps you learn exactly what you need to get confident and stay confident. There is no magic with HTO. HTO provides something even better, true learning.

HTO helps you learn. Learning makes you feel good. HTO doesn’t force you to learn though. Your effort is required. Your time is required. Nobody ever failed their licensing exam because they studied too much, right? Is HTO some kind of weird magical cheating approach? No, but you should still be a skeptic because passing the Extra costs you a lot of time, effort and dedication and you should get the most out of every single minute doing it. Your time is valuable and I don’t want you to waste it, and neither do you!

Don’t take my word for it. You can try it out now for free (it is all online). Find out for yourself if you enjoy and value this approach. When you study for your Technician license using HTO, you get a 100% money back guarantee if you fail the test. Then again if you use HTO and you put in the time and get your score up to the passing level, then you will pass. It is entirely up to you.

All three exams combined are so difficult, that passing them requires weeks and weeks of study). It brings to mind the famous Abe Lincoln quote about facing challenges, exemplified by his story about chomping down a monstrous cherry tree:

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

HTO is the sharpening wheel. You are the axe.

Sharpen it well, and you will chop down that tree faster, more easily and learning more than you could have ever imagined.

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