Fractal Art: Complex and Beautiful Color Inspiration

A brief article, with a lot of good pictures, about fractals on an art forum can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Fractal Art: Complex and Beautiful Color Inspiration”

  1. Awesome! You triggered my fractal gene!
    Here’s the stuff I read, now free online, downloadable PDF files (chapter at a time, color start in chapter 3)
    This is if you want to know any of the math behind fractals, it’s all in there!
    Now you went and did it! I have to go dig out all my fractal books from the basement! Thanks Grant!

  2. Bruce:
    1) I do, thanks for the link.
    2) You are welcome.
    The buddhabrot has been haunting me every since I posted on it. Must…finish…HTDP…first!

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