How The Heck Are You Supposed To Choose Your BibTeX Keys?!

There are plenty of ways to do it and this article is one of the best.

It’s checklist is worth reviewing nearly every time you work directly with your BibTeX file.

Here is a copy of the checklist:

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Best Way To Transliterate Unicode to ASCII? Python Help Needed With Solution.

For creating audio-books I use a text-to-speech engine. One problem is that the application dies on Unicode text. The documents that I encode are too long to correct manually so I want it automated. The correction isn’t as simple as removing all Unicode text though because if possible I don’t want to lose the meaning of the character when it is easily converted to ASCII.

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Obesity Associated With Increased Brain-Age From Mid-Life

Via this paper:

The results of our study suggest that increased adiposity has a significant impact on brain structure, that it modulates the relationship between white matter volume and age, and that such effects may be equivalent to an increased in brain-age of up to 10 years in overweight and obese individuals.

In other words: it changes how you think by impairing your brain’s ability to heal.

Two Easy Ways to Kill a Paper Tiger

There are two easy ways to kill a paper tiger.

The quickest way is with fire. It destroys the tiger; nothing remains. Maybe the fire gets out of control and destroys the torch-bearer, too. You never know.

The slowest way is with water. Draw a warm bath where the tiger is safe and gets some rest along with the opportunity to finally heal its wounds. You might end up with a friend afterwards and you might not; and you will definitely end up with a kitten at the end.

Brené Brown on Joy: It's Terrifying

  • YouTube
  • Joy requires gratitude
  • Joy is the most terrifying thing that humans experience
  • “When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes forboding”
    • “We try to beat vulnerability to the punch”
  • “I know because I’m fixing to meet Oprah, I’m going to die” lolol
  • “We’re trying to dress rehearse tragedy so we can beat vulnerability to the punch”
  • When happy people feel that, they practice gratitude to defeat that fear
  • “In a culture of scarcity, we are always searching for extraordinary when the truth is” (that we truly love the ordinary sweet things about our life)