Should You Learn More About The Text Encoding Initiative?

Brand new to me, looks great, and yes you should learn more about it. I will!

  • Wikipedia page
  • What is TEI? (via Wikipedia)

    The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) is a text-centric community of practice in the academic field of digital humanities, operating continuously since the 1980s. The community currently runs a mailing list, meetings and conference series, and maintains the TEI technical standard, a journal,[1] a wiki, a GitHub repository and a toolchain.

  • What’s it stored in? XML (via Wikipedia)
  • Is there a journal? Yes (via Wikipedia)
  • Are they on GitHub? Yes (via Wikipedia)
  • Are there any samples? Yes lots of them (via Wikipedia). The TEI by Example project looks like a better place to start though
  • What are some tool-chains for it? There are surely more but I ended up here on
    • TextGrid which provides 4 interesting tools that bafflingly I can no longer find the link to.
  • Anything particularly notable about TEI? Yes!
    • One Document Does it all (ODD) is a literate programming language for XML schemas.”
    • “ODD is the format used internally by the Text Encoding Initiative for the TEI technical standard.”

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