Should You Learn More About The Text Encoding Initiative?

Brand new to me, looks great, and yes you should learn more about it. I will!

  • Wikipedia page
  • What is TEI? (via Wikipedia)

    The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) is a text-centric community of practice in the academic field of digital humanities, operating continuously since the 1980s. The community currently runs a mailing list, meetings and conference series, and maintains the TEI technical standard, a journal,[1] a wiki, a GitHub repository and a toolchain.

  • What’s it stored in? XML (via Wikipedia)
  • Is there a journal? Yes (via Wikipedia)
  • Are they on GitHub? Yes (via Wikipedia)
  • Are there any samples? Yes lots of them (via Wikipedia). The TEI by Example project looks like a better place to start though
  • What are some tool-chains for it? There are surely more but I ended up here on
    • TextGrid which provides 4 interesting tools that bafflingly I can no longer find the link to.
  • Anything particularly notable about TEI? Yes!
    • One Document Does it all (ODD) is a literate programming language for XML schemas.”
    • “ODD is the format used internally by the Text Encoding Initiative for the TEI technical standard.”

How The Heck Are You Supposed To Choose Your BibTeX Keys?!

There are plenty of ways to do it and this article is one of the best.

It’s checklist is worth reviewing nearly every time you work directly with your BibTeX file.

Here is a copy of the checklist:

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The right question to ask

Reflecting upon the little model tonight, it occurs to be that although I took significant efforts to simplify the model down the the smallest thing possible, it was still too big. Not the model itself, but the question. It is a probably good question, “How do endometrial cells survive and reproduce outside of the uterus?”, but where does it lead? What does it reveal? I don’t know. Perhaps a better question is how to predict endometriosis without surgery.