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Where Everything is an Opportunity

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

— Rumi

The luminosity in this poem is… I am speechless.

The expansiveness of it is just so beautiful.

Via YogaInternational.

The Practice of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is easily practiced.

For means to move forward. Give means to allow and enable.

Every single action, word, and movement are an opportunity for you to practice forgiveness.

That is very, very cool!

Allan Holdsworth



Paul Gilbert



A reference card for code execution in org 8

refcard-org-babel “contains the reference documentation that describes how to perform code execution within Org mode documents using Org Babel 8″.

Look forward to referencing this when I read about other’s personal org workflows, and, document down my own.

Easily communicate with R and Clojure

R-nREPL is “an implementation of nREPL client and server for R“.

It lets them communicate with each other quite easily.

Via ess-help.

Emacs lets you add buttons to your document

Of course it does.

Nice lightweight example of the difference between a document’s definition on the storage media (file-system) and its presentation to the user. Not to lean too hard on this, but if you grok what is happening here then you will enjoy Emacs a lot more.

Via here.

How to handle the enter key while inside of comment blocks

This post reveals a nice function comment-indent-new-line which gives you the
right kind of indentation for block comments. That got me wondering if my
enter key-binding should do different things depending upon whether or not the
cursor is inside of a comment block or not. Specifically, if it is, then call
the aforementioned function, else call the normal binding. This seems that it
might be an improvement

This post explains how to check if the cursor is inside of a comment block:

(nth 4 (syntax-ppss))

It is not nil when the point (cursor) is inside of a comment block.

Great to know.

I decided not to make this change yet, but, I wanted to capture how, here.

Teaching Fun

Whenever you see them, encourage those who are not having fun to take personal responsibility for their predicament.

Take it is an opportunity to teach them how you have fun, because they may have never learned how, and your kindness and gentleness can help you to teach them one of the most important lessons of their life.

The power of communication

Describe that which you want to achieve, with a slow rhythm, and in detailed language.

The ability, or inability to do this, will predict the outcome of your endeavor.