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Debugging performance issues in CLIPS

In this post John explained how to so with the latest version of CLIPS.


Malbolge looks like a fun programming language.

R 3.1.1 out and it fixes the package manager function

Via gog.

The Go Developers Almanac

Go is a very enticing language. Not having taken more than a light jump into it, it has all the brevity of what I remember as a student learning C combined with the modern library support of Python today. Wanting to find the Go equivelant of The Java Developers Almanac, I ended up at It has short and sweet articles, just like the language, and just like the author.

Gangaji – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Sweet discussion with Gangaji here.

Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed

Here is a must watch interview with Seth Godin.

Recompile virtualbox modules after a kernel upgrade

If you upgrade the Linux kernel in a Vagrant box then be sure to upgrade the “addons” for your provider.

Here is a post on how to do it with virtualbox.

Moshi’s PalmGuard for the Macbook Pro is perfect

Having grown quite accustomed to ThinkPads, it has been a very long time since
I have worried about the palm rest of a laptop. All of that changed when the
Macbook came into my life. My biggest concern was the resale value of the
device, and I found thta the simplest possible solution what was to just take off my
watch and use my phone to keep time instead. In retrospect, that was kind of
stupid, so I bought one of Mochi’s palm rest protectors 1,
and it has far exceeded every expectation that I had of it.

My expectations:

  • Color matched, doesn’t make the device look like a two-tone paint job
  • Protects the device, doesn’t allow scratches
  • Make it easy and comfortable to wear a watch, thin and tidy
  • Easy to apply, no hair pulling to line things up
  • Touch pad works perfectly

All of those expectations were exceeded.

The color looks just fine to me. Sure it is a tad off, but what matters is that
the device is protected for resale. The pad protects the device flat out. My
watch sits just fine on it, it is thick enough to pad the watch and thin enough
barely to be noticeable. It was shockingly delightful to apply given the often
frustrating nature of such endeavors. The touch pad works perfectly with the
pad on top. The mouse, expose, window switching, and everything just works.
This was a shock given how many ways they could have screwed up here. Instead,
it just works. Very cool.

After installation I used a credit card to work out a few bubbles and and life
went on. For anyone worried that this might not work well for their machine,
I installed it on a 15″ Macbook Pro, and the product is for sale on Apple’s
website which is enough of an explicit endorsement for me.

All in all this has been an amazingly positive user experience and the product
has worked really, really well.

Another Emacs configuration in org

Here. It is nice.

My apologies for forgetting how I ended up here.

What all of those org-babel functions do

For the lazy org users like myself who want to know what the functions
listed here do, just evaluate the one you want:

(describe-function 'org-babel-execute-src-block)
(describe-function 'org-babel-open-src-block-result)
(describe-function 'org-babel-load-in-session)
(describe-function 'org-babel-pop-to-session)
(describe-function 'org-babel-previous-src-block)
(describe-function 'org-babel-next-src-block)
(describe-function 'org-babel-execute-maybe)
(describe-function 'org-babel-open-src-block-result)
(describe-function 'org-babel-expand-src-block)
(describe-function 'org-babel-goto-src-block-head)
(describe-function 'org-babel-goto-named-src-block)
(describe-function 'org-babel-goto-named-result)
(describe-function 'org-babel-execute-buffer)
(describe-function 'org-babel-execute-subtree)
(describe-function 'org-babel-demarcate-block)
(describe-function 'org-babel-tangle)
(describe-function 'org-babel-tangle-file)
(describe-function 'org-babel-check-src-block)
(describe-function 'org-babel-insert-header-arg)
(describe-function 'org-babel-load-in-session)
(describe-function 'org-babel-lob-ingest)
(describe-function 'org-babel-view-src-block-info)
(describe-function 'org-babel-switch-to-session-with-code)
(describe-function 'org-babel-sha1-hash)
(describe-function 'org-babel-describe-bindings)
(describe-function 'org-babel-do-key-sequence-in-edit-buffer)

There are some very special functions in there!