Hide uninteresting files in dired-mode

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I just found a neat trick today i.e hiding uninteresting(temporary files like backup or autosave files, all files of a particular extension or a particular set of files which match a regexp) files in dired-mode using dired-x. Here’s how I did it in my .emacs :-

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Men, Trauma, Rage And A Path To Wholeness

Trauma has two parts. The first part is created when you experience events that exceed your emotional capacity.

You can be one month old and accrue trauma when you don’t get fed in time. It is true; that does fit the definition. You can accrue trauma when you are one year old and you don’t get to eat that entire chocolate bar despite your biggest wails. This isn’t to diminish trauma survivors experience, rather it is a place to start making sense of the mechanics of trauma. As we grow older the opportunities for trauma typically grow in diversity. All of those events result in the same aftermath; retaining the event within our nervous system.

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Screencasting Practice & Feedback: 00004


  • Evaluate sound-dampening foam
  • Record the audio and video simultaneously in a conversational style and edit the video to fit the time-line
    • Love conversational style; curious about how to reduce it to the core content



  • Minimal


  • Spoke more loudly

Post Production

  • Minimal
    • Added logo
    • Sped up video content to make it fit the time-line or removed some

Outcome & Feedback

  • Spent only 2 hours and I’m happy with the result
  • Conversation (audio and video) were recorded separately from the content. It is difficult not to synchronize them but rather to make them work well together. In this screencast, the content more or less makes sense. I think that I could do it better.
  • Weighing the balance between getting the content out there in an imperfect form versus planning forever and rarely publishing anything.
  • Missed light misplacement hilariously causing humongous eyebrows

They Who Have Always Been There For You

Imagine your surprise when you discover that mitochondrial cells inside you do nothing but generate energy for you to go about your day. They expect nothing. Take care of them or not; they don’t care. The only thing they care about is setting you up for success. There are more.

Cut your finger and white blood cells rush to your aid. They don’t care what you did. They don’t care about your failures. They don’t care what horrible thing you did. They are there for you. They are there to help.

Your heart keeps pumping. Nobody asked it to do so. It just keeps running and running and running, all for you.

This is true love.