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How to reintegrate changes for Word back into Org-Mode


Original: Your Org source
A: Org -> DOCX for co-authors (using pandoc)
B: Org -> DOCX -> Org (using pandoc).
C: A -> Org (using pandoc and --accept-all-changes)
D: B-Original

The difference between B and Original are pandoc-introduced changes that you do
not want. Ignore/remove these changes from C, call it D and then the difference
between D and the Original are your co-author comments. Now your authors can
edit DOCX with Track Changes and you can work on those edits with Emacs ediff.

Generating autoloads and Compiling Org without make

Here is how to do it.

Search for the heading “Generating autoloads and Compiling Org without make”.

This is very helpful for non-developer Org-Mode users who want to run Org-Mode from source via Git.

Link Roundup


Uniquely Name Source-Blocks and Headline IDs in Org-Mode

Always name all of your Source-Blocks and uniquely ID Headlines in Org-Mode. It is the only way to make Literate Programming pleasant and predictable. At the very least you will understand what is happening during tangling.

Life Is Simple @tgtext


digraph graphviz {
subgraph cluster {
ayh [label="Happy with things?", shape=ellipse];
no [label="No.", shape=Mdiamond];
yes [label="Yes.", shape=Mdiamond];
ayh -> no;
ayh -> yes;
no -> ayh [label="Change them."];
yes -> ayh [label="Keep doing them."];
label="Life is simple:\nAttribution: @tgtext";


Org-Mode Release 8.3

Org 8.3 is now out.

Addendum: 2015-08-16


  • org-show-context-detail
  • Markdown export supports switches in source blocks
  • ASCII export additions
  • Export inline source blocks
  • ascii plot
  • date macro parms
  • mathjax cdn
  • viewport for html mobile
  • remotely edit footnote definition
  • texinfo image support
  • Removed option org-koma-letter-use-title
  • Three slash URI links
  • Footnotes in included files are now local to the file
  • When exporting, throw an error on unresolved id/fuzzy links and code refs

(use-package smartparens-config :ensure smartparens)

If you utilize use-package to install smartparens and require smartparens-config then do it like this:

(use-package smartparens-config :ensure smartparens)

This week I migrated to use-package and configured it incorrectly with something like this:

(use-package smartparens :ensure t :config (require 'smartparens-config))

Big giveaway: single-quote and backtick don’t work correctly in strict mode! There are a lot of explanations of how to “fix this issue”. It isn’t an issue with smartparens. This is how I got it wrong; very easy mistake to make.

Easily Go To and Return From Headlines in Org-Mode

Quit using goto-line and isearch to navigate in your Org-Mode document. I didn’t want to use Helm or Imenu to do it and Org-Mode has a built in solution with org-goto. Be sure to bind the “pop” key very close-by to make it symmetrical and fast.

(define-key org-mode-map (kbd "s-u") #'org-goto)
(define-key org-mode-map (kbd "s-U") #'org-mark-ring-goto)

Should I Do The Two-Speed Conversion

My single-speed is great. Won’t be out-riding this bicycle any time soon. Still, everything needs tweaks. A video about the Rekluse Clutch got me thinking about my bicycle. It wouldn’t hurt to have a two-speed without having any additional gear (weight isn’t gear). This SRAM Automatix hub seems like a great way to do it because it is totally adjustable to your preference.

BlueSky Statistics for R

[BlueSky Statistics is a] Fully featured Statistics application and development framework built on the open source R project

Basically it makes the first 80% of the stuff that you want to do with R very easy.

The very cool part is that you get the R output so it is another great way to learn R itself.