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A reference card for code execution in org 8

refcard-org-babel “contains the reference documentation that describes how to perform code execution within Org mode documents using Org Babel 8″. Look forward to referencing this when I read about other’s personal org workflows, and, document down my own.

Emacs lets you add buttons to your document

Of course it does. Nice lightweight example of the difference between a document’s definition on the storage media (file-system) and its presentation to the user. Not to lean too hard on this, but if you grok what is happening here then you will enjoy Emacs a lot more. Via here.

How to handle the enter key while inside of comment blocks

This post reveals a nice function comment-indent-new-line which gives you the right kind of indentation for block comments. That got me wondering if my enter key-binding should do different things depending upon whether or not the cursor is inside of a comment block or not. Specifically, if it is, then call the aforementioned function, else […]

The Lenticular Text Style of Literate Programming

This announcement is pretty exciting because it reveals a new-to-me take on literate programming. The style is to store a single file as a source, and render disparate parts of that file in different buffers in a mode correct for the content. For example you may have an Emacs Lisp file serve as the source […]

The Emacs Widget Library

Of course there is one. Via org. It will face major adoption issues in the enterprise due to the fact that it is not based upon XML. It will face major adoption issues on the web due to the fact that it is not based upon JSON. That is OK though because it will outlive […]

Probably Try to Avoid local-set-key

When I first learned how to set up Emacs, I really liked local-set-key because you didn’t have to know about the keymap for the mode you just had to make the call in that mode’s hook. That is simple and makes total sense. That has worked well for me for years until two things happened: […]

All Emacs Users Should Probably Run auto-compile

Pose the question “Is there ever a time when Emacs users should be running out-of-date bytecode instead of the up-to-date bytecode or lisp?” to yourself. All Emacs users should probably run auto-compile.

Using Eshell for su and Remembering Your Password

Eshell can be used for su and will quite happily remember your password according to this answer.

Expanding and Using Abbreviations in Emacs

A defined abbrev is a word which expands, if you insert it, into some different text. They are really simple and really helpful if you like this kind of thing. If you grew up hacking on Java, then you surely already use this in IntelliJ IDEA! Here is a nice post on how to choose […]

Using Units in Calc with Emacs

Calc is an advanced desk calculator and mathematical tool written by Dave Gillespie that runs as part of the GNU Emacs environment. One special interpretation of algebraic formulas is as numbers with units. For example, the formula 5 m / s^2 can be read “five meters per second squared.” Of course it can!