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A mistake that I made too often in life was to focus too much on the specific implementation or realization of a thing instead of learning about the valuable generalizations and abstractions that may be learned from it and applied elsewhere. That was then, this is now. imenu is actually a nice feature for Emacs. […]


Recently learned about Polymode from the ESS user manual. It looks like a nice option for working with code that didn’t start out in org-mode; which is likely pretty common.

Org Manual

The org-mode manual lives here.

org-mode examples

This post is a wonderful cookbook from which to pull.

Build the configuration you need

The Emacs configuration for normal operations on my system has loads of useful and powerful packages loaded. Sometimes they interfere with the normal operation of org-html-export-to-*, though. The simplest way to address those issues is to generate two confirmation files: one for full-blown Emacs use and another just for doing exports. With literate programming in […]

Ease of use in Cask 0.6

Cask is the best way to manage your Emacs packages and MELPA is the best place to find them. Because not all packages are set up to be run specifically with the packaging in mind, a lot of feature are still loaded manually (additionally, I am to be blamed for setting them up incorrectly and […]

Writing Books with Org Mode

This is a wonderful post on publishing with R, org-mode, and LaTeX. (via irreal)

Lisp in Small Pieces

This book is another classic that must be imbibed.

org-mode Observations 2014-03-18

org-indent-mode immediately struck me as perfect, but my personal preference is to limit text width something around 80 columns. Making org-hide-leading-stars true is the perfect balance. orgmk seems to simplify org-mode exporting. org2blog/wp looks very interesting, but manually posting is easy enough for now. Some users visualize source block delimeters differently. Those visualizations might be […]

How to Fix a Little Eshell Issue

Wanting to set up a pleasant shell environment in Emacs, I invested in getting Eshell happy. Everything went well but the fact that directory name completion doesn’t work. The error message appeared: Invalid variable reference Lately I’ve been learning more about how to develop (or re-learning depending upon how you look at it) so I […]