Switch to nlinum Immediately

A lot of headings in your Org-Mode file can make Emacs unusably slow when you collapse all of them.

My original solution was to avoid collapsing them with #+STARTUP: showeverything. Major problem with that approach is that you still can’t use collapsing because if you do, Emacs because again unusable.

Months ago I switched to nlinum and now there are no more performance issues, even on the largest file that I work on.

8 thoughts on “Switch to nlinum Immediately”

  1. So someone with long org files not using linum should have no problem? šŸ˜‰

  2. Iā€™m giving it a try and it does not seem to work too well with the Leuven theme: the larger font in the headlines prevent the display of the last digit.

  3. ALAN:
    Two ideas:
    1. `nlinum-format’ gives you more columns in the gutter.
    2. Try a fixed-width font like DejaVu Sans Mono.

  4. nlinum-mode makes it impossible to create a new frame when I’m in org-mode. I’ve reproduced the bug with an emacs -q, in a large org-file with nlinum-mode enabled. I’ll be filing a bug report at some point.

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