Emacs Keyboard Design 27: Less Keys

Switch back to tenkeyless and don’t need the function key.


  • Right Fn should be lockable
  • Enough of what I could find explains that OS X and Windows don’t support F14-F24, so remove them
    • Made Esc do Caps Lock, too via Fn
  • Should configure different switches per key
    • Space and return should use a higher strength
  • I use the arrow keys a lot, even in Emacs, because I don’t like keeping my hands in the home position all the time; a tenkeyless makes more sense
    • Don’t need to be up so high, move by super
  • Space bar
    • Use a lot of space, wastes it
    • 3 is too small if I center it, my thumbs are .5W too short
    • Maybe I can do 2,2,2, space return space
    • Not sure what else I’d put there
  • Fn space key
    • Great idea, but goes against simplicity goal, so won’t
  • CapsLock
    • Don’t need it
    • Can move it to right
  • Added back Meh key
    • Named it CAS
      • Works on OS X and Windows

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