Emacs Keyboard Design 29: More Standard


  • The right side keys should remain in ANSI layout
    • Complies with POLA
    • Returned them
  • Put CapsLock above Backspace
  • SpaceFn makes you want to use TMK’s awesome firmware
    • Remind my self that POLA is still an important goal
  • How are people carrying their keyboards?
  • A good keyboard body negates needs for a case
    • Dell keyboards are a perfect example
  • How similar is this to an ANSI layout
    • Background color legend
      • Green: Identical
      • Yellow: Moved
      • Turquoise: New
      • Red: Removed
        • Only the number pad was removed


  • Thoughts
    • Every Emacs user who has reconfigured their modifier keys on a Windows or Mac laptop will be OK with this
    • Every user who has used an ANSI layout will be OK with this
    • Users who value the number pad will not be OK with this
    • The modifier clusters make sense

6 thoughts on “Emacs Keyboard Design 29: More Standard”

  1. This is my favorite of the layouts I’ve seen on your site!
    * 10-keyless layout with standard right-hand layout
    * more thumb/modifier keys
    * symmetrical modifier keys

    1. This is one of my favorite layouts for the same reasons.
      A couple of refinement ideas after visiting it again:
      – Move ESC below Delete
      – Add a Function key below END
      – Make the F1-F12 keys live one row below on top of 1-2 and -, + accessed using Function
      – Move caps lock below PgDn
      – Move the PrtSc row down one
      This violate the principle of least astonishment but it frees up a little space.
      What do you think of those changes?

      1. I like function keys not being on top of numbers since I use them a lot – often with modifiers. If I have to hit fn-1 for F1, then alt-ctrl-F1 gets really ugly.

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