Emacs Keyboard Design 34: Grid Layout Revisited

The latest iteration places space and return well and the modifiers are all present and easily reached. How would it look in a grid layout?

  • Start with design 33
  • Left-align the rows on 1, Q, A, Z
  • Keep F-space and J-space aligned
  • Make shift 1x
  • Add a gap after G to put halves as far apart as possible
    • Only 2 rows available, not enough for a gap, put it back
  • Move PgUp and PgDn above right arrow
    • Use them together frequently
  • Insert and Delete are stacked right of Back Space
    • Logically close
  • Home and End right of Fn
  • Between Shift and PgUp and Below Fn there are 3 places open so move in there
    • PrSc
    • Scroll Lock
    • Pause Break
    • Last 2 are debatable
    • Want to fill space and layers would be ugly here
  • Added separator after 5
    • Original thought was to make them separable
    • Also have no obvious need for that column
    • Left I and II on each side to encourage using both hands
  • Added re-legendable keys as “Ghosted”
    • Screenflow is the first candidate
    • Everything else is easy to do in Emacs
  • PauseBreak and ScrollLock might not need to be there
  • A Mouse layer might be nice, but then again, no