(macOS) Handling Too Many Application Windows Overload on macOS

My desk has 3 monitor on it—two external and one built into the Mac. They are used like this:

  • Top left
    • Chrome
    • Maybe
      • Inkscape
      • VMWare
      • iTunes
  • Top right
    • Emacs
  • Bottom
    • Terminal
    • WhatsApp
    • Pulse SMS

I tried to keep it simple but it is still easy to forget which application that I’m working with. I wanted a way to highlight the window that had focus and I found it with HazeOver — Distraction Dimmer for Mac.

Probably the most under-recognized piece of software for multi monitor users you’ll only ever care about it after your mac is driving you nuts :).

It is simple: when you turn it one then every other window than the one with focus is dimmed. There are other nice options but I care most about the basics.

Been using it for months and it’s been rock-solid.

Love it!

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