(macOS) Handling Too Many Application Windows Overload on macOS

My desk has 3 monitor on it—two external and one built into the Mac. They are used like this:

  • Top left
    • Chrome
    • Maybe
      • Inkscape
      • VMWare
      • iTunes
  • Top right
    • Emacs
  • Bottom
    • Terminal
    • WhatsApp
    • Pulse SMS

I tried to keep it simple but it is still easy to forget which application that I’m working with. I wanted a way to highlight the window that had focus and I found it with HazeOver — Distraction Dimmer for Mac.

Probably the most under-recognized piece of software for multi monitor users you’ll only ever care about it after your mac is driving you nuts :).

It is simple: when you turn it one then every other window than the one with focus is dimmed. You can decide whether to enable the dimming across one monitor or all of your monitors—I enable it across all of them so it is even easier for me to focus! There are other nice options but I care most about the basics.

Been using it for months and it’s been rock-solid.

Love it!

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