Map And Track Wi-Fi Networks You’re Not Connected To

Ever wonder how wifi devices talk to each other when they don’t know that you are listening?

The hardware components of most critical systems, for example Cell Phones and Wi-Fi access points, operate on an implicit model of trust. In other words if other “members” of the system think that you are like them then they will help you do your job. This is a feature that makes our critical system likes Cell Phones and Wi-Fi access points so easy to use! It also makes them very easy to explore.

If you are curious about how Wi-Fi networks really work then Caleb’s tool trackerjacker is a great way to see how connected Wi-Fi devices talk to each other and more. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi access point password just to look.

That is one of the lessons learned—at the end of the day people can learn a lot about you without you ever knowing about it.

Why they are so curious about you? Good question!

Caleb is a genius. Learn from him.

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