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  1. Mine is ever so slightly more complicated than yours:
    PROMPT=$’%(!.%F{red}.%F{blue})%D{%a %R} %B[%m:%35<..<%~%<<] %n%#%b%f '
    RPROMPT=$'%(!.%F{red}.%F{blue})<%(1j. %BJ%j%b.)%f'
    if (( $SHLVL != ${ZSHLVL:=$SHLVL} ))
    RPROMPT=$RPROMPT$' %F{magenta}Z'$(( $SHLVL – $ZSHLVL ))$'%f'
    export ZSHLVL

  2. # Set colorful PS1 only on colorful terminals

  3. My PS1 is different depending on the environment.
    In normal terminal session it is: \h:\w \u\$
    But within Emacs (where most of my shell work is) it is simply: [\t] \$

  4. # This prompt has the hostname and up to two levels of directory context. Just one level often doesn’t disambiguate, and more than two is often annoying. So a session might go:
    # [mymachine ~]$ cd foo
    # [mymachine ~/foo]$ cd bar
    # [mymachine foo/bar]$ cd baz
    # [mymachine bar/baz]$
    # The actual code:
    echo ‘($H)=($ENV{HOST}=~/([^\.]+ /);s|$ENV{HOME}|~|g;s|.+/([^/]+/[^/]+)$| ${1}|g;s|^|$H |;’ > $HOME/._sp
    # Running it:
    function sp () { PS1=”[`pwd | perl -p $HOME/._sp`]\$ “; }
    # Install it into the prompt:
    # precmd is a special tcsh alias executed before every command prompt.
    # PROMPT_COMMAND is a special bash environment variable for the same purpose.
    export PROMPT_COMMAND=sp
    # Initialize it the first time:
    # alongside this, I’ve also implemented forward and back commands for directories as we are used to them in web browsers, so after the session at the beginning, I could say:
    # [mymachine bar/baz]$ b
    # [mymachine foo/bar]$ b
    # [mymachine ~/foo]$ f
    # [mymachine foo/bar]$ cd /usr/local/lib
    # [mymachine local/lib]$ b
    # [mymachine foo/bar]$
    # If anyone is interested, I’m happy to post the code for that.

  5. # $HOME/._cdd_add
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;if($_[0]>1){$_[0]–};print(join(q{:},@_));’ > $HOME/._cdd_back
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;print($_[$_[0]]);’ > $HOME/._cdd_curd
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;if($_[0] $HOME/._cdd_forw
    function cdd () { \cd $*; export PWDx=`perl $HOME/._cdd_add “$PWD”`; }
    function b () { export PWDx=`perl $HOME/._cdd_back`; \cd “`perl $HOME/._cdd_curd`”; }
    function f () { export PWDx=`perl $HOME/._cdd_forw`; \cd “`perl $HOME/._cdd_curd`”; }
    alias cd=cdd
    # I should mention that the idea and initial implementation for the two-level command prompt were from Jason A. Haynes for tcsh:
    # “; if (“$hd:h” == “”) set prompt=”%m $pwd%# “; unset hd’
    # alias sp ‘set pwd=`dirs`; set hd=$pwd:h; set prompt=”%m ..$hd:t/$pwd:t%
    # Grem

  6. # Ack! Part of the Historical Directory Browsing was cut off. Let me try again:
    # $HOME/._cdd_add
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;if($_[0]>1){$_[0]–};print(join(q{:},@_));’ > $HOME/._cdd_back
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;print($_[$_[0]]);’ > $HOME/._cdd_curd
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;if($_[0] $HOME/._cdd_forw
    function cdd () { \cd $*; export PWDx=`perl $HOME/._cdd_add “$PWD”`; }
    function b () { export PWDx=`perl $HOME/._cdd_back`; \cd “`perl $HOME/._cdd_curd`”; }
    function f () { export PWDx=`perl $HOME/._cdd_forw`; \cd “`perl $HOME/._cdd_curd`”; }
    alias cd=cdd

  7. #Oh, I see, it wasn’t so much “cut off” as hidden by angle brackets.
    # historical directory browsing
    # Historical directory browsing adds `b’ and `f’ commands to your shell
    # to let you go back and forward in your directory history like you
    # go back and forward in your web page browsing history.
    # Idea and original implementation from Deniz Yuret, rewritten by Gremio
    if [ ! -n “$PWDx” ]; then
    export PWDx=”1:`pwd`”
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;$_[++$_[0]]=shift;splice(@_,$_[0]+1);print(join(q{:},@_));’ > $HOME/._cdd_add
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;if($_[0]>1){$_[0]–};print(join(q{:},@_));’ > $HOME/._cdd_back
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;print($_[$_[0]]);’ > $HOME/._cdd_curd
    echo ‘$_=$ENV{PWDx};split/:/;if($_[0] $HOME/._cdd_forw
    function cdd () { \cd $*; export PWDx=`perl $HOME/._cdd_add “$PWD”`; }
    function b () { export PWDx=`perl $HOME/._cdd_back`; \cd “`perl $HOME/._cdd_curd`”; }
    function f () { export PWDx=`perl $HOME/._cdd_forw`; \cd “`perl $HOME/._cdd_curd`”; }
    alias cd=cdd

  8. Found that bash on Solaris doesn’t like that PS1…. here is the updated version:

  9. Perhaps it’s because when I’m at an actual prompt, I’m at home, not working, I find all the stuff about current directory, user, hostname, et cetera, just extraneous. So generally my prompt is just
    PS1=’\$ ‘
    If I need to know stuff, there’s always pwd, hostname, and whoami.

  10. I do not claim any proper code in the following lines that I’ve had for ages…
    %cat load.zsh
    declare -i Up=”`uptime | awk -F: ‘{print $4}’ | cut -f1 -d’,’`”
    if [ $Up -ge 2 ]
    echo ‘red’
    if [ $Up -lt 1 ]
    echo ‘green’
    echo ‘yellow’
    %cat prompt.zsh
    autoload -U colors
    date_color=”`zsh ~/.zsh/load.zsh`”
    PS1=”$user$cpath $percent$end ”

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