Out of the box, WP-Syntax colors code using the default GeSHi colors. Per the authors advice in the ‘Advanced Customization’ section of Other Notes, you can configure GeSHi yourself by handling the wp_syntax_init_geshi hook and configuring it programmatically.
Since I wanted to do just that, I decided to publish a generic plugin, called wp-syntax-rettke, for folks who wanted to configure GeSHi following this approach.

4 thoughts on “wp-syntax-rettke”

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  2. I downloaded your plgiun and really like it, but I noticed that the License was Creative Commons and Geishi’s was GPL. You need to release your code under GPL (at least in addition to Creative Commons) other wise you don’t have the right to redistribute iG:Syntax Hiliter. Just FYI. If for some reason you don’t want to to release iG:Syntax Hiliter as GPL you could always ask GeSHi if they care, but otherwise know that you are violating their license currently.

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