Great motorcycle boots: TCX X-Five Plus

The guys on the list vouched for this boot; and all of the online reviews are great. After trying the TCX X-Five Plus boots out by standing in them (at my standing desk aka the entertainment center) and walking around in the house (so as not to void the return policy) for two straight hours, I found them to be very comfortable, so I kept them. Here is the kicker:
I wear a Men’s US size 11 with a 4E width and could not find any boots online that claimed to fit either via the retailer or via reviewers. As it happens: The TCX X-Five Plus, size 46 (US 12) fits perfectly!
Having worn them for a month, they have turned out to be an awesome (albeit my first) pair of motorcycle boots; especially for the wide-footed among us.
ADDENDUM: 06/25/11
Here are some pics and additional commentary (thanks to Marty!):

Aesthetically the boots are not irritating which doesn’t hurt.

No frays or anything so far after wearing them for a few weeks and kneeling down on pavement and stuff.

This boot is staying put on your foot; unlike my old engineer style boots.

Blue jeans fit underneath just fine.

The heel is super-sticky; totally unlike my old boots. It is awesome. It does get caught on the Roadcrafter quite easily though; and I suspect it was designed to irritate me (solution is to put boots on last of course). I can stand for hours in these things; walking is relegated to the parking lot and back to the office, to work, to school, to Lake Michigan, and it feels fine for all of these.

5 thoughts on “Great motorcycle boots: TCX X-Five Plus”

  1. Grant thanks for the informative post. I’ve been struggling to find wide (4e) boots down here in Australia – I’ve just ordered a pair of size 46 TCX Xfives today so fingers x’d for a good result!

  2. Geoff:
    You are welcome. My fingers are also crossed. Please report back on how they work (or don’t).

  3. With a redesigned full grain leather upper, improved sole and shift pad, the TCX X-Five EVO Gore-Tex Boots provide exceptional comfort, protection and control as has been the standard for TCX boots since day one.

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