Opportunities while studying HTDP

While studying HTDP, there are a few opportunities that occur during the process:
Practice Blogging:

I am assuming two things:
1. We are all going to learn things.
2. It is going to be fun.
That alone is worth blogging about.
If you haven’t got a blog, this is an excuse to start one.
The tagging facilities that most blog engines provide today allow you to ‘tag’ your posts. I recommend you tag them with ‘Study-HTDP’, which is more specific than just ‘HTDP’ or ‘Programming’ alone.
My goal is twofold:
1. For you to capture your thoughts and ideas, and practice writing.
2. Expose said thoughts and ideas to other folks who may be interested in them.

Study Revision Control:

If you aren’t already using a revision control system, now is the perfect time to do so.
You are going to be writing a lot of code that you most definitely will want to tag and probably eventually branch.
Subversion is a easy, powerful place to start.
Everyone should have a SVN repository available to them for storing their work.

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