One Emacs SML Workflow

Being partial to the full-REPL-reboot style of development (ala DrRacket) for most situations I wanted the same thing in Emacs with sml-mode. The value add is that you know all of your files are saved and that your environment is in a fresh and known state. I came up with this:

(defun gcr/sml-eval-buffer ()
  "Intelligently evaluate a SML buffer."
  (let ((sml-process (get-process "sml")))
    (when sml-process
      (quit-process sml-process)))
  (sleep-for 0.25)
  (let ((sml-buffer (get-buffer "*sml*")))
    (when sml-buffer
      (kill-buffer sml-buffer)))
  (sml-prog-proc-load-file buffer-file-name t))

Only to be delighted (though not surprised) to find yet another nearly identical approach here by wenjun.yan:

(defun isml ()
  "If sml repl exists, then restart it else create a new repl"
  (when (get-buffer "*sml*")
    (with-current-buffer "*sml*"
      (when (process-live-p "sml")
    (sleep-for 0.2))
  (sml-run "sml" ""))

My urge to attain Emacs Comint mastery only grows.

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