Settling Into Windows

If you haven’t used Windows for a few years then plan on taking 6 weeks before settling back into it.
Most things you felt were “issues” will simply disappear.

5 thoughts on “Settling Into Windows”

  1. I wish that was true. But after 4 years with Windows I still wish every single day I were on a Linux system.
    Doing most of my technical work under cygwin though, but this is not the real thing.

  2. HOLGER:
    I am sorry for that.
    I did not use CYGWIN this time. I feel like it just aggravates its users because it constantly reminds you of what you are not able to use “for real”. That isn’t a knock against CYGWIN to be clear. It is my experience, that is all.
    I’m embracing PowerShell now, too, and wanting to have as-good experiences with it. I am curious about how it will go.

  3. Grant,
    you don’t have to feel sorry for me. I could change the company I work for, after all.
    I would be curious how your experience with PowerShell goes. The few times I’ve looked at it, I concluded that it was as pleasant as Perl; one of the two languages I refuse to learn.
    In my work a substantial bit is about scripting and if we are on Windows, everyone complains about Windows batch scripts. But in all the years that PowerShell exists I’ve not seen any adoption.

  4. HOLGER:
    You are right. Everything is in our control, we can change things.
    I am pushing hard on learning PowerShell. I’ve been watching PluralSight videos about it. PowerShell seems to be the singular scripting platform for all MicroSoft technologies now.
    Batch up ActiveDirectory stuff? PowerShell. Deploy to Azure? PowerShell. There are first class integrations for a lot of stuff with PowerShell.
    With that in mind, I’m getting psyched up to enjoy their noun-verb philosophy :).

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