@tuxera NTFS for Mac Lets You Easily Read And Write NTFS Partitions

@tuxera NTFS for Mac lets you easily read and write NTFS partitions.

This is the kind of high quality software that gets you excited about your job (in software) again!

If plan to live in the modern universe running a Mac and you are not running this then you are missing out pleasant and easy operations on NTFS partitions.

Copied 107GB in 21 minutes

  • GB/Minute (/ 107.0 21.0) 5.095238095238095
  • MB/Second (/ (* 1000 107.0) (* 21.0 60)) 84.92063492063492

@coriolissystems iPartition Makes Partition Management on OS X A Happy Dream

@coriolissystems iPartition makes partition management on OS X a happy dream.

It does only what you expect.

If you have worked with OS X’s Disk Utility enough you know how unpredictable it can be. I don’t know why it is that way, but you do have to be careful and thoughtful even if you are in iPartition. I suppose that it has to do with the OS and neither of the tools.

I just know that iPartition makes it trivially easy to resize and recreate partitions and on OS X 10.11 it is impossible to do so with Disk Utility!

Delightful @Microsoft #Windows10 Upgrade Experience

Figured it wouldn’t make sense to pass up a $200USD free upgrade from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Pro so I clicked “Yes” and the download began.

Fourteen hours later the installation completed and I was left with a Windows box that booted faster than before!

The new Windows release is faster and it includes Bash. Yes times have changed.

Three Nice Looking Diff Tools and My Pick

1 Desire

Diff’s are hard. 80% of the time they are simple and fast. 20% of the time they are, well, complicated! My days of text-only diffs are coming to an end. They remain a part of my toolbox but I want a grown-up GUI diff tool. Fortunately there are plenty of options. But how to choose?

  • My decision making process was pretty simple: write down questions about them and answer them in a big spreadsheet
  • See where that takes me
  • Make a decision

Here is how it went.

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Windows Azure: The Big Picture

Windows Azure: The Big Picture.
You won’t view anything in this video and say “Oh my goodness I never imagined you could do that with a computer”. What will happen though is that now you will know how Azure lets you do that with a computer, all of their offerings from virtualization to networking to message queues covered. That is great to know. I chose this video specifically because it is the shortest. Further digging is required.