Choosing Between Code and Verbatim Markup In Org Mode

Its helped me to standardize my approach to marking up techie language. Keeping it simple the content is either programming stuff or everything else tech related. Sufficiently vauge you see: I write down examples to keep it straight in my head. Here you go:

Use Code Markup ~code~

  • Class or Object Names: Java → java.lang.Object
  • Code Snippets: Elisp → (message "Hello, world.")
  • Compilers and Interpreters: The executable names not the product names. For example:
    • gcc and python not GCC and Python
    • scheme and java of Scheme and Java
  • Function Names: Elisp → switch-to-buffer
  • Key Bindings: Emacs → C-x C-e
  • Package Names: the name that the program or system uses for example →
    • org-mode not Org mode
    • org2blog not Org2Blog
  • Shell Commands: Bash → ls
  • Variable Names: Elisp → kill-ring

Use Tech Markup =verbatim=

  • Compilers and Interpreters: The product names not not the executable names. For example:
    • GCC and Python
    • Scheme and Java
  • Concepts
    • Immediately-invoked function expression
    • Object Oriented Programming
  • File Names: .emacs.el, .emacs.d
  • File Types: JPG, PNG, TIFF
  • Package Names: The human version not the code version →
    • Org mode not org-mode
    • Org2Blog not org2blog
  • Product Names: Emacs, IntelliJ, Racket

One thought on “Choosing Between Code and Verbatim Markup In Org Mode”

  1. Check the highlighting of org-mode/Org mode. These are subtle things!

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