Chicago Lisp 5/16 Meeting

The next Chicago Lisp meeting is coming up this Friday, 5/16/8. Here are the relevant links:
Chicago Lisp Information Page (for now check here first)
Chicago Lisp Homepage (eventually this will be the master information site)
I will be heading down for this meeting, and presenting at it, so if you would like to carpool let me know!
Addendum 05/21/08:
Here is the presentation and source material from my talk. This is the 25lb version of the presentation; it is not light advocacy stuff, rather, it is just a lot of crunchy bits that are meant to be discussed interactively.
Addendum 05/27/08:
Peter posted a great recap of the presentation.
Addendum: 08/17/08
Here is an updated presentation and materials, v2.01.

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