R6RS Chez Scheme 7.4D and TSPL4 Now Available

A R6RS conformant Chez Scheme 7.4D and TSPL4 now available.

Surprised?! I was. I hadn’t heard anything either. Anywhere. From anyone.

Yesterday though, I saw Aaron (dedicated Chez user) posting about R6RS ports here and Eduardo mentioned TSPL4’s availability here here.

Addendum: 08/04/09

The TSPL4 link is broken, but was not at the time of posting. Since the hardcopy hasn’t been released yet, I suspect that the link will be down until the hard copy is released.

Addendum: 08/08/09

The link is back up.

FWIW: I didn’t think it was worth bothering Kent by asking about why it was down in the first place.

2 thoughts on “R6RS Chez Scheme 7.4D and TSPL4 Now Available”

  1. Hi Paulo:
    I don’t think that TSPL4 was yet meant for public consumption; hence the takedown :).

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