22 thoughts on “Another Emacs configuration in org”

  1. Emacs always chooses .elc-files for loading, because it’s faster. So if you don’t plan on compiling, init.elc should be deleted.

    I don’t run into problems with it because I always edit the init.org-file, and generate both an init.el and an init.elc. If you, however, want to edit the init.el file directly, the changes you make won’t take affect when you restart Emacs (because Emacs is actually loading the init.elc).

    But remember that if you change you’re init.el directly, then you could loose these changes by tangling the init.org file.

  2. I understand. Thanks. I’ve uncommented it in my init.org now but it doesn’t seem to compile after save. But on the bright side, your defun makes sense to me now. I’m a lisp beginner but I’m starting to get the hang of reading them.

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