2 thoughts on “How to backward delete a word in Emacs”

  1. I use Safari on a Mac. I don’t like farting with PCs. Or gelarenly spending my time playing with setup and customizations. Back when I was employed I got enough of that since it involved understanding the processor architecture and OS.And yes I know what a .emacs file is, but my last one was about 9 years ago on a Sun running Solaris I think, and I doubt I could find the CD backup that might have it (if such exists at all). There was probably little there.If I want to program in Lisp I use the built-in Emacs-like editor; when I write prose I use BBEdit. I may or may not have an Emacs on here. (It would be fun to have Teco.) -I’ve only been reading you here, I’d been under the impression you weren’t posting elsewhere. Obviously I was wrong.

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