You Probably Want org-return-indent Bound to Return

Started questioning why after hitting RETURN while in lists I have to hit TAB to get indented properly. Kind of a dead giveaway that I should be return-and-indenting! Looked at org-return to find that it has an argument about indenting and then saw that org-return-indent passes it for you. With that in mind, RETURN is bound to that now.

You probably want org-return-indent bound to return. It saves a lot of actions.

8 thoughts on “You Probably Want org-return-indent Bound to Return”

  1. What’s the best way to do this binding? I played around with customize but couldn’t find it, nor did a short googling help.

  2. Thanks. I had to replace “” with “RET” (found out by describe-key and pressing enter) then I get the functionality.
    However, there is a disadvantage: if I want to add a “**” point below a “*” point, I have to manually unindent, since it’s not recognized when indented.

  3. Hm, that should have been “<return>” in the previous comment but HTML ate the comparison operators.

  4. THOMAS:
    `org-meta-return’ might give you what you want; Org comes with it bound to M-return. That is what I use to add new headings and list items.

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