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CB750F: Day 37: Carb 3 Linkage Rod Out

Carbs 1, 3, and 4 have synchronizing screws. They let you synchronize the throttle plates. That is a “bench synchronization”. When I did so, carb 3 would not stay adjusted correctly. It kept slipping out of alignment.

CB750F: Day 36: Forward Progress

I couldn’t find a throttle plate rod for the carburetor on ebay. I couldn’t even find the part on the microfiche. A kind soul sent me the link for that part though, used, on ebay. The search term is “carb linkage assembly”. Another kind soul explained that some of the carburetors on the ’79 CB750F […]

CB750F: Day 35: Totally Idle

Left unable to bench sync the butterfly valves, I finally pulled the bolt out only to find that it was in clearly bad shape. When the nut reaches a certain point, it just won’t go any further. On my carbs, the nut is threaded, and so too is the mounting point on the rod (that […]

CB750F: Day 34: High Idle

Today I received my set of Vessel JIS screwdrivers and at the shop the screws on the carb shrouds didn’t slip once they are pretty great. In preparation to start the bike I re-attached the exhaust system and torqued it all to spec (98in/lb header bolts, header-pipe attachment 16ft/lb, rear shock 18ft/lb, hanger 30ft/lb. Some […]

CB750F: Day 33: Carburetor Reinstallation Complete

Tonight I completed installing the carburetors but did not have time to test them. One of the mistakes that I made was that I was babying the carburetors and the air-box side intake shrouds. When you stare at and literally play with the few parts (carb rack, shrouds, and retaining clips) you see that there […]

CB750F: Day 32: Bolts and Shrouds

The front-most frame bolt was nagging me so I figured now is as good a time as any to get it in. It was kind of funny because when that bolt was in there the front-right forward frame bolts would not go in. Pat said to get the jack and use the tapered metal rods […]

CB750F: Day 31: Reassembly Continues

Reassembly continues along with lessons learned. Shifter rubber install: As you can see it doesn’t look like it would fit, that is, until you boil the rubber in hot water! Drive sprocket cover install: Without incident. New kickstand rubber: Pried the old one out. New one slipped right in with a little grease. Began front […]

CB750F: Day 30: Even More Reassembly

Got a few things done tonight all it won’t look it.Here is my work list:

CB750F: Day 29: More Reassembly

Tonight I had high hopes of achieving completion of many tasks despite lots of evidence that I could not work that quickly.

CB750F: Day 28: Reassembly

A lot of work and preparation and parts-shipments seem to have come together in perfect timing to allow for a lot of reassembly work to begin. As usual how things when was mostly a matter of preparation in reading the service manual and talking to Pat and having some patience while doing the work and […]