Voice-driven and hand held apps: a match made in heaven?

Here is an article about writing voice-driven applications.
It might be interesting to “think differently” about problem solving by taking into consideration that you might combine the power of your handheld with the ease of use (potentially at least) of voice driven applications on a server. They might compliment each other well.

Setting the bounds on infinity

Working with partners or sub-contractors; you are bound to end up working with some very creative people. You have a vision that they need to fulfill; and you probably expect them to figure it out for you so you tell them “just make it happen; do whatever you like”.
When you give someone limitless possibilities, though, they are likely never to find a good one, at least not for you.
By giving even the most creative people just some constraints, you are doing them a favor and you are likely to end up a much happier participant in the interaction.
(via Seth)