Send Line To Any REPL

Send the current line to the REPL, evaluate it and move to the next line. Works for lots of languages and does the right thing navigating to the next line.

If you learned this in ESS then you already love it. If you didn’t then you probably will now

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Start An Emacs Configuration Startup Debugging Instance Like This

Whether you use Org-Mode Literate Programming to manage your Emacs startup or not, you will enjoy testing your configuration files changes in another Emacs instance:

alias ets="emacs --debug-init --no-init-file --no-splash --background-color white --foreground-color black --vertical-scroll-bars --eval '(switch-to-buffer \"*Messages*\")' --name TEST --title TEST --load ~/src/help/.emacs.el &"

For Sun workstation bootup nostalgia the buffer has black text on a white background.

Maybe Include This Info With Your Org-Mode ECM

(message "ECM Information Follows")
(message "Org-Version:")
(message (org-version))
(message "Org-Git-Version:")
(message (org-git-version))
(message "Emacs-Version:")
(message (emacs-version))
(message "org-babel-default-header-args")
(princ org-babel-default-header-args)

You Love Emacs And IKEA Is To Blame

Have you spent hundreds of hours configuring and thinking about Emacs?

And despite that your fondness for it only continues to grow?

And when you can’t explain to your friends why you love Emacs you chalk it up to your own poor communication skills.

I do.

But here is another explanation.

I dare you to watch all eleven minutes.

Addendum <2017-05-10 Wed 18:39>

Alternate title: “Emacs: You Came For A Bargain And Left With A Treasure”

Org-Mode's Two Most Useful Data Table Functions That You Probably Never Used

It might be hard to admit it for us Emacsers but most of us are pretty comfortable using Excel (or its clones) for data management. Maybe the fun stops there but it doesn’t have to.

Here are the two most important functions for getting the most out of working together with Org-Mode data tables and Excel (without having to use literate programming):

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The System That Inspired All Of Us Through Emacs

They say that Emacs was inspired by real LISP machines from Symbolics and more. Here are two of those Symbolics machines for sale on eBay:

A Mac with a LISP machine inside of it is pretty cool.