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I Wasted Time with a Custom Prompt for R with ESS

I wanted a custom prompt for R with ESS. I wanted a double struck R. I probably did it wrong. It never worked. Actually it worked most of the time, and that is worse than never working. Kind people helped me. I still got it wrong. I take full responsibility. It was better not to […]

3 Nice Looking Diff Tools and My Pick

1 Desire I want a GUI diff/merge tool. Text-based diff is fine for easy stuff. I want a tool that makes difficult merges easy. I want a single download, install, and run. I want something with first class support. It should run well on Windows, OSX, and Linux. This was my original goal.

Settling Into Windows

If you haven’t used Windows for a few years then plan on taking 6 weeks before settling back into it. Most things you felt were “issues” will simply disappear.

Speed Up FileVault2 Decryption

FileVault2 (FV2) provides disk encryption for OSX. I am unfamiliar with it. I read about it at the Apple website. It doesn’t explain much. I wanted to know how OSX handles it. To learn I tried it out. After installing OSX I turned on FV2. The encryption was seamless. 8GB in 15m. I installed 58GiB […]

Entity Framework Code First Migrations

Quickly learn about how EF handles schema migration in Entity Framework Code First Migrations. Personal notes follow.

CB750F: Day 37: Carb 3 Linkage Rod Out

Carbs 1, 3, and 4 have synchronizing screws. They let you synchronize the throttle plates. That is a “bench synchronization”. When I did so, carb 3 would not stay adjusted correctly. It kept slipping out of alignment.

Correctly Setting the VMWare Provider for Vagrant on Windows

When you purchase the VMWare provider for Vagrant on Windows you learn that the provider name is vmware_desktop. The only time that you will ever use this name is when you install the provider and the license. If you use that provider name anywhere else you will get message The provider ‘vmware_desktop’ could not be […]

The Yamas and Niyamas Simply and Succinctly Explained

This overview covers the yamas and niyamas in a way that is guaranteed to speak to you.

How to Handle and Large Slow Org Files

When some of us open large Org mode files, Emacs becomes nearly unresponsive, and nearly unusable. My stock advice has always been to call #+STARTUP: showeverything or do a binary search more or less to figure out which package is stomping Emacs. In this post, though, Puneeth explains that the issue may go away entirely […]

First Hatha at YogaOne @yogaonemke Fox Point Report

On Sunday I attended the “Vinyasa Flow L1-2″ class. Catherine taught it in Fox Point. This was my first class in a long, long time. Too long. It was so great to get back. Catherine is a delightful teacher and she taught a delightful class. Let me elaborate. I haven’t done hatha for a long, […]