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Anything vs Infinity

Destabilizing thought patterns can reside in our mind. It is our job to explore and resolve them. Compared to limited aspects of this reality, those things may seem gargantuan and scary. Compared to infinity, those things may seem very approachable and addressable.

Yoga Does Not Turn You Into a Robot

My personal experience is that yoga does not turn you into a robot. I’m not the only one who has answered the question.

New Favorite Programmer Interview Question

What is your key binding for performing a commit? — Grant Rettke

We Are In It Together

Wear are all in in together! Thank goodness. We can make it happen.

I Am A Brunet

I am a brunet. Seriously. You need to look past the grey, and, it is there. Last night I learned about the spelling. Women are brunette and men are brunet. Cool to learn.

Renegade Coder

“Cowboy Coders are programmers who write code according to their own rules”. “Cowboy” is meant to be a derogatory term in this usage. “Cowboy” is a powerful and positive word though, and its connotation is difficult to shake. Perhaps a more appropriate term is “Renegade Coder”.

I Wasted Time with a Custom Prompt for R with ESS

I wanted a custom prompt for R with ESS. I wanted a double struck R. I probably did it wrong. It never worked. Actually it worked most of the time, and that is worse than never working. Kind people helped me. I still got it wrong. I take full responsibility. It was better not to […]

3 Nice Looking Diff Tools and My Pick

1 Desire I want a GUI diff/merge tool. Text-based diff is fine for easy stuff. I want a tool that makes difficult merges easy. I want a single download, install, and run. I want something with first class support. It should run well on Windows, OSX, and Linux. This was my original goal.

Settling Into Windows

If you haven’t used Windows for a few years then plan on taking 6 weeks before settling back into it. Most things you felt were “issues” will simply disappear.

Speed Up FileVault2 Decryption

FileVault2 (FV2) provides disk encryption for OSX. I am unfamiliar with it. I read about it at the Apple website. It doesn’t explain much. I wanted to know how OSX handles it. To learn I tried it out. After installing OSX I turned on FV2. The encryption was seamless. 8GB in 15m. I installed 58GiB […]