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Motion and emotion, action and reaction

Every action that you take sets a standard from which you may pull from to justify how to move forward in life. Take every opportunity that you have to move, and to act, in a virtuous, kind, and cheerful manner. At the very least, do it when it is easy. At the very worst of […]

Training and practice

The onus of responsibility to better oneself lies entirely upon the individual. Her efforts must be applied in a disciplined, perseverant, and self-controlled manner. Laziness must be banished, and cheerfulness welcomed. When you are new to a topic, train smart and well. When you become an expert on a topic, practice daily. Set high, high […]

Gain instead of give up

As we grow, we naturally graduate from things (ideas, people, practices). Often we are encouraged to give them up, often too soon and quite inappropriately. Instead, stay the course and the new things in your life will look quite naturally like gains, accept them as they come.

Return to instead of escape from

Often the focus of meaningful action is to escape the various evils of something. Instead, try to focus on the virtues of that to which you are returning. It is more cheerful, and yields the same result (and often better).

Indenting new curly bracket blocks with smartparens for R

Emacs speaks statistics handle indentation for curly bracket blocks quite well. My preference was to have, after inserting matching opening and closing curly brackets, a newline with the cursor indented one block in. This post in particular describes the solution; it worked fine as of today. Addendum: 2014-04-17 Here is the code snippet from the […]

On doing things

Learn how to be happy, and then how to do things (take action). Failure and success, hard work and vacation, and life suddenly begin to take on a different role.

Starving juice with dead food

Who calls a diet Pepsi with some kimchi a “starving juice and dead food”?!

Glass of water

A good game is to keep a clear drinking glass near you at all times during the day; the challenge is to keep filling it and drinking all of the water in it.

Addicted to because

Addiction is the continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences… – Wikipedia Pick two: I am [happy/sad] because of [person/place/thing]. Is it possible to live contently without bondage to “because”?

How to act

The questions about how to fix oneself are limitless and the answers range from dissatisfying to non-existent. The answer is simple: Act with love, respect, devotion, honor, and service.