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How to debug within R

In my words this is how to debug within R: If you want to print a stack trace for the most recent exception then use traceback you may or may not have the source If you want to set a breakpoint at a specific location in the code then use browser you must have the […]

Package management in R

Once you start using different versions of packages for different projects then you will probably want a package-management solution for R. Or perhaps you are coming from another language that had a package-management solution that you were already happy with. Curious about the offerings I searched and found two options, rbundler and Packrat. Having read […]

Ultra-lightweight-reproducibility for R: which version of R that you used

Here is another post from the realm of ultra-lightweight-reproducibility for R: If are going to get serious about locking down your system then only let it run on the version of R that you personally used to obtain your results! It takes very, very little effort: stopifnot(R.version$major==3 && R.version$minor==1.1) 99% of the time, using a […]

MASS: Support Functions and Datasets for Venables and Ripley’s MASS for R

Functions and datasets to support Venables and Ripley, ‘Modern Applied Statistics with S‘ (4th edition, 2002).

How Yoga Makes You A Fill-In-The-Blank Person

After doing some practice you will surely think that yoga is making you a fill in the blank person. If you don’t think it, then you will read it. If you don’t read it then someone will tell you it. That is OK. Just know that it isn’t making into anything! Rather, it is helping […]

Who ever got fired for compiling code?

Q. How do you fix a memory corruption in S-PLUS? A. Use R. The IBM AS/400 is an application-platform consisting of custom hardware, an operating system, and database. It is a quite interesting system giving you literally everything that you need to develop a custom computing environment for a company immediately “out of the box”. […]

A database on your desktop?

If your business users utilize data that is critical to their success then you need to help provide a pleasant way for them to manage that data. GUI tabular data management programs like MS Excel and LibreOffice or OpenOffice are obvious choices for their ease of use alone. In practice, that ease of use is […]

Conservative matching in R

This discussion demonstrates the surprise that partial matching in R provides. One option to avoid this, if you do not want it to occur, is either to not to use the $ operator or tell R both to warn when it does occur and then handle it as an error: options(warnPartialMatchDollar=TRUE) options(warn=2) options(error=recover)

Wait a bit until getting aggressive about error handling in R

You might want to handle all unexpected situations in your code doing something like options(error=recover) and options(warn=2) in your .Rprofile. That is a good thing. Just be sure to do it after your system is initialized, because if you don’t then you are sure to kill your startup!

You would run, too

On television, when people meet God, it is nothing but a total and immediate surrender to pure bliss where all of their dreams finally come true and everything works out perfectly. In real life, people run in fear from such a meeting. They need your patience and compassion.