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Wait a bit until getting aggressive about error handling in R

You might want to handle all unexpected situations in your code doing something like options(error=recover) and options(warn=2) in your .Rprofile. That is a good thing. Just be sure to do it after your system is initialized, because if you don’t then you are sure to kill your startup!

You would run, too

On television, when people meet God, it is nothing but a total and immediate surrender to pure bliss where all of their dreams finally come true and everything works out perfectly. In real life, people run in fear from such a meeting. They need your patience and compassion.


It is always easy to measure someone’s honesty when they are able to admit to you that 80% of their core belief system (not intellectual system) is based upon what they learned from television

On language

The language of the senses creates barriers. The language of the Truth creates doorways.

Moshi’s PalmGuard for the Macbook Pro is perfect

Having grown quite accustomed to ThinkPads, it has been a very long time since I have worried about the palm rest of a laptop. All of that changed when the Macbook came into my life. My biggest concern was the resale value of the device, and I found thta the simplest possible solution what was […]

Some good projects or courses of study

The R Book Coursera specialization 100+ interesting data sets for statistics The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction via How to spot a probable liar

How to choose a font

Audience: Computer users. Programmers. User experience designers (UXD). Every computer-user has a different strategy for choosing the best font for long periods working at the computer. They all involve many metrics, strategies, and rubrics. Based on that, they are probably all wrong. Well not really, they are right based upon experience, and experience is really […]

Personal approach for collecting Emacs usage statistics advice?

Lately I’ve been curious whether or not my actual Emacs keymapping usage actually reflects how I think I use it. What I mean is that I have a goal of mapping frequently used operations to easily-accessible keybindings on the keyboard. What I plan to do is to record my usage so that I can study […]

Flycheck does Emacs Lisp Checkdoc

The difference between org-ref and org-bibtex

In case you were wondering, here is an answer: Some features could be merged, but there is an important difference in that org-ref uses bibtex as the backend database, and reftex for searching, and org-bibtex uses org-mode headings as the backend database, and tag/property searches (I think). It is like the difference between org-contacts and […]