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Paul Gilbert

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How to handle the enter key while inside of comment blocks

This post reveals a nice function comment-indent-new-line which gives you the right kind of indentation for block comments. That got me wondering if my enter key-binding should do different things depending upon whether or not the cursor is inside of a comment block or not. Specifically, if it is, then call the aforementioned function, else […]

Teaching Fun

Whenever you see them, encourage those who are not having fun to take personal responsibility for their predicament. Take it is an opportunity to teach them how you have fun, because they may have never learned how, and your kindness and gentleness can help you to teach them one of the most important lessons of […]

The power of communication

Describe that which you want to achieve, with a slow rhythm, and in detailed language. The ability, or inability to do this, will predict the outcome of your endeavor.

My definition of attitude

Attitude is how you feel despite all of the logical reasons not to feel that way. Attitude is how you feel despite what everyone else is telling you about how you should be feeling right now. Attitude means that you are taking personal responsibility and control of your life and how you feel instead of […]

Every definition is a constraint

Every definition is a constraint. Primarily they define operational limits of this reality. Even defining something to be “limitless and without constraint” is limiting because it requires either the written or the spoken form (albeit both spatial) and doesn’t allow for other possible means of communication. The basis of most forms of science is definition, […]

Probably Try to Avoid local-set-key

When I first learned how to set up Emacs, I really liked local-set-key because you didn’t have to know about the keymap for the mode you just had to make the call in that mode’s hook. That is simple and makes total sense. That has worked well for me for years until two things happened: […]

On FORTH and a Friend

FORTH is a programming language with a lot of both interested and interesting users and implementers. Unbeknownst to you, your anti-lock brake controllers and fuel-injectors could be running by FORTH, and even if they aren’t, surely other critical parts of your vehicle are running on it, or diagnosed and maintained with it, or both. The […]

One Heart Apart

Can we help people out half the world away? If that is too far, then can we help our people on our own continent? If that is too far, then what about our state, our city, or even our next-door neighbors? Humans are only as far away from us as we are from our own […]

ALEC’s a Language for Expressing Creativity

ALEC is the new configuration of my Emacs/Organization-Mode system. Just wanted to share some thoughts on the experience. The code says a lot, and the text, too, but I’m more interested in the experience. For context, this is the next step of TC3F. If nothing else, just know that the tangle time went down from […]