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On FORTH and a Friend

FORTH is a programming language with a lot of both interested and interesting users and implementers. Unbeknownst to you, your anti-lock brake controllers and fuel-injectors could be running by FORTH, and even if they aren’t, surely other critical parts of your vehicle are running on it, or diagnosed and maintained with it, or both. The […]

One Heart Apart

Can we help people out half the world away? If that is too far, then can we help our people on our own continent? If that is too far, then what about our state, our city, or even our next-door neighbors? Humans are only as far away from us as we are from our own […]

ALEC’s a Language for Expressing Creativity

ALEC is the new configuration of my Emacs/Organization-Mode system. Just wanted to share some thoughts on the experience. The code says a lot, and the text, too, but I’m more interested in the experience. For context, this is the next step of TC3F. If nothing else, just know that the tangle time went down from […]

To Revisit

To Revisit An Introduction to Statistical Learning The Elements of Statistical Learning Data Preparation for Data Mining The Grammar of Graphics Advanced R In-depth introduction to machine learning in 15 hours of expert videos A hands-on introduction to statistics with R

Org-Mode Details To Accompany Questions

The details that are likely to help questions to be answered on the org mailing list. #+begin_src emacs-lisp (print emacs-version) #+end_src #+begin_src emacs-lisp (print org-version) #+end_src #+begin_src emacs-lisp (print (pp-to-string org-babel-default-header-args)) #+end_src #+begin_src emacs-lisp (print (pp-to-string org-babel-default-header-args:R)) #+end_src Eg: “24.3.1” “8.2.10” “((:eval . \”always\”) (:padline . \”yes\”) (:noweb . \”no-export\”) (:exports . \”both\”) (:results . […]

Starting OSX Apps From The Command Line

open /Applications/ –args -Q

Milwaukee Data Science: Making Sense of Data Science via a Metromap & Lightning Talks

This could be the start of something valuable community; can’t wait to see wherever it leads!

An example cause of burnout

There are many recipes for burnout. One of them by analogy is to operate a 28 ton earth moving machine powered by a 2 horsepower (hp) engine attached to an unlimited fuel supply (use your imagination). It doesn’t matter how capable the machine is or the value of the fuel you are using, the engine […]

Happiness vs Enjoyment

Happiness and enjoyment are easily confused because they mostly feel the same. Their major difference though seems to be the duration of the feeling and the ease by which the state may be entered. Happiness seems to be more long-lived while enjoyment seems to me short-lived. Happiness seems to be mostly independent of the circumstances […]

A Question’s Worth

We all know that answers have worth. Questions do too, though. A big part of being a successful human, and scientist, is being able to assess the value of both.