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Org2Blog DITAA Test

The test succeeded by turning off thumbnail images.

Migrating to Org2Blog

WordPress is a powerful and satisfying writing and publishing platform. After learning Org-Mode, I wanted to use Org-Mode for writing and WordPress for publishing. Org2Blog makes that easy. WordPress easily exports your posts to XML. Org2Blog-Importers converts them to Org-Mode via Pandoc. Tonight I converted them here. Any future modifications belong in these documents with […]

Additional Org2Blog Configuration

Hello, world. (+ 1 2 3) 6

Org2Blog Setup

Content goes here. (+ 1 2 3) 6

Uniquely Name Source-Blocks and Headline IDs in Org-Mode

Always name all of your Source-Blocks and uniquely ID Headlines in Org-Mode. It is the only way to make Literate Programming pleasant and predictable. At the very least you will understand what is happening during tangling.

Life Is Simple @tgtext

digraph graphviz { subgraph cluster { ayh [label=”Happy with things?”, shape=ellipse]; no [label=”No.”, shape=Mdiamond]; yes [label=”Yes.”, shape=Mdiamond]; ayh -> no; ayh -> yes; no -> ayh [label=”Change them.”]; yes -> ayh [label=”Keep doing them.”]; } labelloc=”t”; label=”Life is simple:\nAttribution: @tgtext”; }

(use-package smartparens-config :ensure smartparens)

If you utilize use-package to install smartparens and require smartparens-config then do it like this: (use-package smartparens-config :ensure smartparens) This week I migrated to use-package and configured it incorrectly with something like this: (use-package smartparens :ensure t :config (require ‘smartparens-config)) Big giveaway: single-quote and backtick don’t work correctly in strict mode! There are a lot […]

Easily Go To and Return From Headlines in Org-Mode

Quit using goto-line and isearch to navigate in your Org-Mode document. I didn’t want to use Helm or Imenu to do it and Org-Mode has a built in solution with org-goto. Be sure to bind the “pop” key very close-by to make it symmetrical and fast. (define-key org-mode-map (kbd “s-u”) #’org-goto) (define-key org-mode-map (kbd “s-U”) […]

Should I Do The Two-Speed Conversion

My single-speed is great. Won’t be out-riding this bicycle any time soon. Still, everything needs tweaks. A video about the Rekluse Clutch got me thinking about my bicycle. It wouldn’t hurt to have a two-speed without having any additional gear (weight isn’t gear). This SRAM Automatix hub seems like a great way to do it […]

Milwaukee SAS Meetup

Milwaukee has a great SAS meetup. Zeke and the community are very nice.