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Choosing the Right Diff Tool for You

By my idiosyncratic measures: For small changes git diff and vc-diff are perfect. For medium changes magit is perfect. For large changes DeltaWalker is perfect.

SAS University Edition Setup

Today I set up SAS UE on VMWare Fusion. Everything went fine. It allowed 4 GB of RAM allocation. SAS UniversityEdition:Installation Guide for OS X Requirements OS: OS X 10.8+, 64bit Allows: 2 CPU Recommends: Allocate max \frac{1}{2} of available RAM to VM Browser: Chrome Using VMware Fusion Verified integrity of the download Extracted archive […]

SAS University Edition Link Roundup

Note: I just set it to 4 GB of RAM and it worked fine

Literate DevOps: My OS X Development System

Setting up a development system is a non-trivial investment. This document captures the steps required and automates as much as possible. The project has other formats, too. The Style Guide is a must read for the operator. Org-Mode converted this manual, tedious, and error prone task to a semi-automated, nearly reproducible, and error-less process, for […]

Exploring Noweb Refs with Arguments

I’m studying Noweb Refs. Here is something helping me make sense of it. I asked about it on-list, too, with more details. I’m still playing with it.

Thank You Theri DeJoode and @groomformen

Thank you Theri DeJoode and @groomformen for a delightful Thursday. It was fun and you did wonderful work.

Another Way to Notice You Are Doing Yoga

You are doing yoga when you start to notice truly astounding things that you would have never noticed for even a microsecond before you began practicing.

New To Me Smoothie Recipe

1 banana 1 cup of blueberries, frozen, organic 1 handful of spinach or kale or arugula (triple washed) 1 tbsp cinnamon 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 tbsp walnuts Blend with water or milk or almond milk or yogurt On high to get the greens really mashed Thank you Blair!

Org2Blog DITAA Test

The test succeeded by turning off thumbnail images.

Migrating to Org2Blog

WordPress is a powerful and satisfying writing and publishing platform. After learning Org-Mode, I wanted to use Org-Mode for writing and WordPress for publishing. Org2Blog makes that easy. WordPress easily exports your posts to XML. Org2Blog-Importers converts them to Org-Mode via Pandoc. Tonight I converted them here. Any future modifications belong in these documents with […]