Respecting Your Limits Means Respecting Yourself

Accepting yourself for who you are doesn’t always mean respecting yourself. If you identify as male, then you are especially suspect here: part of being a person who identifies as male today means that you only compare yourself to the top 1%. The cult of exceptional-ism is strong, alive, and well today.

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My Favorite Brain Foods And Supplements

Supplement Servings/Size Properties In Food
DHA & EPA Once Brain health, protection and repair  
Folic Acid Once Anti-depressant  
Ginger Twice Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative  
Inositol Once (1200mg) Anti-depressant, Anti-anxiety  
Magnesium Once Brain biochemistry, neuronal membrane fluidity for mental health Maple, syrup, nuts, raw baby spinach
Phosphatidyl Serine Once Neurotransmitters and optimal function  
Selenium Once (Two Whole Nuts) Whole body operational health Brazil Nuts
Seratonin Hourly Anti-depressant 50% Black Tea / 50% Whole Cow Milk, Sugar. Whole grain.
Turmeric Twice Anti-Everything  
Vitamin B Complex Once (100mg) Whole body operational health Chicken Eggs. Enriched Cereals
Vitamin D3 Once Bright shining minds  

The Vocabularies of Numbing are Scarcity and Rage

The vocabularies of scarcity and rage are the only ones available to those who are numb. They create a vicious circle serving only to further numb them and keep anyone who could help them far away. The solution is to take a breath and give them room to be safe, and then tell them about taking just one breath, too, to get a respite from the pain. It only takes one!

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

You are not who you think you are. The mind tends to go to extremes. In the process it drags you through all of the junk that it finds to keep itself entertained. Imagine what a three year old would do given the chance to operate a bulldozer in the living room of your mind. It is something like that. Of course, when it is pleasant, we love it. When it is painful, that is when it starts to hurt. You know it will never end well.

Better help that kid grow up and be a good friend instead of a trouble maker, right?

Only then can you start to discover who you really are.

The Normalcy Of Misery

“I look forward to spending time with my friends so that we can catch up and tell each other how horrible

  • We are
  • Our family is
  • Our friends are
  • Our co-workers are
  • Our employer is
  • Our nation is
  • Is the entire race of human beings“


Take a five breaths and hear them out. Maybe that is what they want to say; maybe not. Ask them to tell you more. Reply “Gotcha…and…?”; sometimes it works wonders. “Gotcha… you are a horrible person and are we still going to the concert this Friday?”. “And” turns the topics from a roadblock into a speed bump; you can still go somewhere with it. Better to move forward then sit in the muck of bad ideas that probably aren’t even true.

About Your Friend…The One Who Is Angry All The Time

You got a friend who is angry all time?

You ever ask them why and they never have an answer or if they do it makes no sense?

I’ve got an answer for you on their behalf:

  • It is the only option they’ve got
  • They can’t see what it is
  • If they could, they would tell you that they don’t like it, either