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VIM is a Perfect Configuration of EMACS

VIM is a perfect configuration of EMACS that has replaced Elisp with Vimscript and heavily utilizes transient keymaps and/or Hydras.

Mastery, Questions, Hardware, Software, LISP, Forth, TI-99/4A

Over the last two years a few questions and ideas have visited me and the following is my attempt to piece them together…

The Purpose of EMACS

The purpose of EMACS is to provide an environment for the unlimited expression of your creativity in which you can revel in the definition of as many boundaries as you wish, and then exceed them, repeatedly.

Sharing a Smile

Under the right circumstances a smile can illuminate this entire universe and even the entirety of this reality. Don’t hesitate to share one.

What to do when great ideas appear during meditation?

Meditation brings silence. Silence provides space for new ideas to appear. It makes sense to record them. Keep a voice recorder near by and capture them and get back to your practice. It is at your discretion as to whether or not it is your mind providing that great idea or not!

What are you passionate about?

I filled out a registration form today. It asked “What are you passionate about?”. I answered: Community and collaboration. “If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together” — African proverb. What is your answer?

An Infinite Expression of Love

Love is the infinite blossoming of pure-reason and the desire to express the creative aspect of consciousness in all of its forms according to the boundaries of this reality. We are that expression in all of its forms and we serve to create an environment where that expression of divine creativity may unfold by kindly […]

Pondering Infinity

The nature of infinity becomes more mysterious as your ponder it. The way to answer those questions is to give them space for the inherent answers to expand. In other words, space is silence. The exploration of that answer space reveals everything.

How to reason about infinity?

When that which we are is not bound by the laws of space, time, causality, and identity, and is simply manifest through different means, what is that which we love about ourselves and others? What is it that we have and can give that is timeless and consequentless?

Too Much is Never Enough

An infinite supply of that which will never satisfy you, won’t. — Blair Lewis Or in my words, or how I would have named a Van Halen album: “Too much is never enough.”