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On doing things

Learn how to be happy, and then how to do things (take action). Failure and success, hard work and vacation, and life suddenly begin to take on a different role.

Starving juice with dead food

Who calls a diet Pepsi with some kimchi a “starving juice and dead food”?!

Glass of water

A good game is to keep a clear drinking glass near you at all times during the day; the challenge is to keep filling it and drinking all of the water in it.

Addicted to because

Addiction is the continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences… – Wikipedia Pick two: I am [happy/sad] because of [person/place/thing]. Is it possible to live contently without bondage to “because”?

How to act

The questions about how to fix oneself are limitless and the answers range from dissatisfying to non-existent. The answer is simple: Act with love, respect, devotion, honor, and service.

Practicing the soroban

It looks like about an hour a day for a year or two for the first certification. The to-do list follows.

Love offerings

“Love offerings” are often a derided and despised thing. At best “Why can’t they just say that they are materialistic?”. At worst “Why can’t they just say they are greedy?”. We live in a socio-economic system that when combined with a reality that is subject to death, decay, and destruction can obviously stress people out. […]

Human nature today

There is a whole lot of focus on the human part, not much at all on the nature part. We must get outside.

Ten Simple Rules for Reproducible Computational Research

This link via irreal is another “must read” if you’ve never done systems work before (coming from a system person myself, not a data person).

Why becoming a data scientist is NOT actually easier than you think

You mean… there is actually work involved?! Shocking. This is a valuable article.