Yoga Pants That Men Will Actually Wear

Men like wearing blue jeans or dress slacks. I do. Do they have them for Hatha Yoga? Probably not. I couldn’t find any. I found the next best thing: Thai Fisherman Pants.

Do Thai fisherman really wear these or not. It doesn’t matter because they work. They work fine for me. I can do Hatha in them. My test subjects: these and these. Not the worlds thickest material but it is still cotton and you can’t see through any of the areas that count. Good for you and everyone else in class.

Are they the same as the $100USD version? Probably not but I don’t care. I’ll worry about that later. You probably can too.

They cost less than $20USD. You don’t have to make any stressful commitments because you spent tons of money on your Yoga clothes. Why wait?

A Yoga International Membership is Awesome

It is worth sharing.

The normal membership is free and it gives you limited access to tons of stuff. Great way to figure out whether you want to see more or not.

There is something for everyone from teachers to parents to you name it.

For example the classes on brain health and yoga for TBI recovery are awesome and you might want to watch them more than once :).

The Ultimate Meditation Hack

A lot of us meditators feel like we can’t get our feet off the ground when it comes to our meditative practice. Typically it goes something like this:

  • Meditate thirty minutes per day
  • For seven days
  • Then, never meditate again for six months
  • Finally, the beginning and try again

Actually, that is fine because practice is practice. There is an easier way though that I call the ultimate meditation hack.

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Miracles Without Expiration Dates

Do you have a story about a miracle that you personally experienced? A lot of us do. Even if you don’t, you might have a friend or family member close to you that shared their story. The surprising thing about everyone’s experience here though is that the experience itself is easily forgotten!

It is a surprising attribute. Miracles are supposed to change your life for the better. They are supposed to inspire you to change your lives, and the lives of others for the better. They are supposed to be deeply meaningful, but in the end… they are not. In fact, they might not even be memorable. There is some comfort here though, and that comfort resides inside you.

Everyone human contains a unique property in this world: there is no one like them and they are here for a reason. That is miraculous. That miracle is inside of them and it is always with them. That miracle is untarnishable and it has an even more important property:

That miracle inside of you hasn’t got an expiration date. You will never forget about it. To simply be who you are in this world is to share it. There isn’t anything that you need to tell anyone about it.

You are your own miracle without an expiration date. It is the sole reason for your having taken birth as a human. Your job is to figure out that reason and start living it as quickly as possible.

Tonights Notes

  • The conscience never needs validation
    • Seems is always unified, soothing, and practical.
  • The mind usually makes you nervous
    • You’re not really sure if it is the right thing to do
  • You actually are a good person
    • It isn’t a trick
    • It will always be that way no matter what
    • The soul and conscience are never tarnished.
  • Where you should direct all your energy to make the world a better place
    • Is where you should be
  • Learn how to love all and exclude none
  • That which creates sustainibility is good