Brené Brown: The price of invulnerability

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  • “equally fatalistic answers yet more creative”
  • “on the verge of bliss and picturing something horrible happening”
  • The fatalistic response if not universal
    • Is a symptom of the universal
    • We are losing our tolerance for vulnerability
  • “Vulnerability is absolutely at the core of fear and anxiety and shame and very difficult emotions that we also experience”
  • “Vulnerability is also the birthplace of joy, of love, of belonging, of creativity, of faith”
  • “Perfection is a tool to protect ourselves”
  • “Faith – vulnerability = extremism”
  • “Spirituality is inherently vulnerable”
  • “We live in a culture that tells us at there is never enough (goodness)”
  • “We are not extraordinary enough”
  • “Somehow an ordinary life has become synonymous with a meaningless life”
  • “In our ordinary life in ordinary moments is where we can find the most joy”
  • Numbing society
    • Most addicted, medicated, obese, in-debt, adult cohort, busy society
  • “We stay so busy that the truth of our lives can’t catch up”
  • “You cannot selective numb emotion”
    • Numb pain, numb joy
  • How to recover
    • Practice gratitude
    • Stop and be thankful for what we have
    • Honor what is ordinary about our lives
    • The people we love
    • Play, community, nature (honor what is ordinary)
  • If don’t experience those good things, our reservoirs will be empty when the bad things happen

Brené Brown on Joy: It’s Terrifying

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  • Joy requires gratitude
  • Joy is the most terrifying thing that humans experience
  • “When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes forboding”
    • “We try to beat vulnerability to the punch”
  • “I know because I’m fixing to meet Oprah, I’m going to die” lolol
  • “We’re trying to dress rehearse tragedy so we can beat vulnerability to the punch”
  • When happy people feel that, they practice gratitude to defeat that fear
  • “In a culture of scarcity, we are always searching for extraordinary when the truth is” (that we truly love the ordinary sweet things about our life)

Interruptions During Meditation Practice Are Gifts

When you get serious about your meditation practice you will surely encounter external interruptions you had never before imagined. Your first reaction will be frustration and anger at them. That is fine and it is normal. The fun comes when you take these interruptions as an opportunity for expansion.

Turn them into your practice. Take the critical phone call about the issue that everyone will forget tomorrow. Tell the kids playing in the hallway to have fun and to be careful not to trip. Come to think of it, those interruptions seem pretty typical. It is your reaction to it that is atypical; that is what contains the magic.