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ALEC’s a Language for Expressing Creativity

ALEC is the new configuration of my Emacs/Organization-Mode system. Just wanted to share some thoughts on the experience. The code says a lot, and the text, too, but I’m more interested in the experience. For context, this is the next step of TC3F. If nothing else, just know that the tangle time went down from […]

Do what you can

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. — Arthur Ashe Via Ben.

An example cause of burnout

There are many recipes for burnout. One of them by analogy is to operate a 28 ton earth moving machine powered by a 2 horsepower (hp) engine attached to an unlimited fuel supply (use your imagination). It doesn’t matter how capable the machine is or the value of the fuel you are using, the engine […]

Happiness vs Enjoyment

Happiness and enjoyment are easily confused because they mostly feel the same. Their major difference though seems to be the duration of the feeling and the ease by which the state may be entered. Happiness seems to be more long-lived while enjoyment seems to me short-lived. Happiness seems to be mostly independent of the circumstances […]

When is a number an integer?

This post poses a seemingly very simple question: “When is a number an integer?” and very quickly evolves to provide a delightful exposition of what it means when someone answers with “it depends”. My vote is that the most intuitive and least-surprising approach is x%%1==0.

A Question’s Worth

We all know that answers have worth. Questions do too, though. A big part of being a successful human, and scientist, is being able to assess the value of both.

Teaching and Entertainment

Every “modern” teacher knows that teaching requires a non-zero amount of entertainment in order for attention to be held. Entertainment, on the other hand, requires no teaching for the viewer’s attention to be held, although it often results in a more moving experience for the consumer. For the consumer, it is definitely worth their time […]

Cleaning Up Your Messes

There is a camper’s philosophy that “one should should leave the area cleaner than the state in which it was found”. That is a beautiful philosophy because it doesn’t matter who made the mess, as the fact remains that the mess must be cleaned up. Unless legal action is required, perhaps it is not even […]

Nirmala – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Nirmala – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview.

Be compassionate

Be [compassionate], for every man is fighting a hard battle — John Watson, in 1903