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When is a number an integer?

This post poses a seemingly very simple question: “When is a number an integer?” and very quickly evolves to provide a delightful exposition of what it means when someone answers with “it depends”. My vote is that the most intuitive and least-surprising approach is x%%1==0.

A Question’s Worth

We all know that answers have worth. Questions do too, though. A big part of being a successful human, and scientist, is being able to assess the value of both.

Teaching and Entertainment

Every “modern” teacher knows that teaching requires a non-zero amount of entertainment in order for attention to be held. Entertainment, on the other hand, requires no teaching for the viewer’s attention to be held, although it often results in a more moving experience for the consumer. For the consumer, it is definitely worth their time […]

Cleaning Up Your Messes

There is a camper’s philosophy that “one should should leave the area cleaner than the state in which it was found”. That is a beautiful philosophy because it doesn’t matter who made the mess, as the fact remains that the mess must be cleaned up. Unless legal action is required, perhaps it is not even […]

Nirmala – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Nirmala – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview.

Be compassionate

Be [compassionate], for every man is fighting a hard battle – John Watson, in 1903

ProPublica’s Guide to Mechanical Turk

ProPublica’s Guide to Mechanical Turk seems to definitely be worth a read.

Use your space appropriately

When facing a decision of how to utilize space it is sometimes easy. Choosing between allocating land for a water purification plant vs a donut shop might not be an easy choice but it is an obvious one. How then do we allocate our internal or mental space? Inside us the space is limitless. Most […]

Do less to do more

Do less to do more. It does result in doing more! You just aren’t spread so thin. It is the only reasonable approach.

Meditation experiment personal observations 208680d2-3ed5-2a34-6dab-6a8f91899255

Insufficient sleep results in cognitive fatigue. Insufficient hydration and sustenance results in physcial fatigue. Insufficient physical strength and cardiovascular investment/exercise results in both. Cognitive and physical fatigue seem to hamper the practice of meditation and generally contribute to having a “bad day”.