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Gangaji – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Sweet discussion with Gangaji here.

Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed

Here is a must watch interview with Seth Godin.

Drop of water

A drop of water struggles so hard to return to the ocean. The ocean welcomes it back with open arms. That is not the time for the ocean, with all of its magnitude and unlimited beauty and kindness, to remind the drop that it came from the ocean, left up into the atmosphere, and to […]

The story

The creativity that you apply and capture to assemble your system… this is where all of the fun stuff is. Let me elaborate, everything in your artifacts are valuable because they tell the story. Actually, they tell the story about a story, a story that has yet to occur and also a story that has […]

The perennial fear revealed by a rules engine

When seeking to attain mastery of rules engines (RE), you will experience an odd phenomenon. Others, upon hearing some details of your course of study, will react in a what initially appears to be a manner angrily dismissive of the topic itself. This is strange given the fundamental role that computation plays in literally everything […]

Emacs peer and consultant teaching

For the past week I’ve been day dreaming about a nice way where Emacs and org-mode users could collaborate in real time, share their configurations, learn from, and teach each other about their workflow. Sure the Internet is a great resource to pull from, it is also nice to interact with people, too! Imaginations included […]

Distinguishing models

It is important to distinguish between the mathematical numbers, the Scheme objects that attempt to model them, the machine representations used to implement the numbers, and notations used to write numbers. – R6RS Chapter 3

Brutal honesty contains mostly brutality and little honesty

A popular American phrase is that someone is going to be “brutally honest” in their interaction with you. It is a code-word that means they are about to be cruel and hurtful, and mask it under the guise of doing so for you best interest. When you hear this phrases uttered, maybe just leave, and […]

First be, then do

Try first learning how to be happy, becoming happy, and then taking action towards a goal. How you feel will remain consistent regardless of the outcome. It will change everything about how to pursue the goal; a “means justify the ends” sort of thing. Freedom from the slavery of our own expectations is the ultimate […]

Action guides your reaction

When you don’t like how you react to things in life, you can address it by focusing 100% upon how you act yourself. Reaction is really re-acting your previous actions. Your actions will determine how you react. Does not apply to life-threatening situations, mostly, though.