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The Purpose of EMACS

The purpose of EMACS is to provide an environment for the unlimited expression of your creativity in which you can revel in the definition of as many boundaries as you wish, and then exceed them, repeatedly.

How to backward delete a word in Emacs


New Favorite Programmer Interview Question

What is your key binding for performing a commit? — Grant Rettke

Renegade Coder

“Cowboy Coders are programmers who write code according to their own rules”. “Cowboy” is meant to be a derogatory term in this usage. “Cowboy” is a powerful and positive word though, and its connotation is difficult to shake. Perhaps a more appropriate term is “Renegade Coder”.

The PragmataPro Font

In the comments of this article the font PragmataPro is mentioned. It is very cool to see the passion, effort, and mastery in this typographer’s endeavor!

key-combo and the Spread of Great Ideas

I love watching great ideas percolate through the file editor ecosystem. My cup of tea is Emacs, so I notice it most there, but it happens all over the place. For example EasyMotion appeared in VIM and jumped to Emacs AceJump and then to IntelliJ (and all its children). If you are an Emacs user […]

Entity Framework in the Enterprise on Pluralsight

What I want to know how to do in entity framework: Create High speed database contexts Object rich database contexts Dynamically composable database contexts for when pre-built don’t exist Understand Best path Performance trade-offs Risks and Challenges With those questions in mind I watched Entity Framework in the Enterprise: Incorporating Entity Framework into applications that […]

Some Nice .NET RSS Feeds

Data Layer Validation with Entity Framework 4.1+

This is a helpful series for when you need to start doing any sort of validations on your entities. I need to dig more into OData and how it integrates nicely with NG and friends using .NET. Personal notes follow.

Entity Framework Code First Migrations

Quickly learn about how EF handles schema migration in Entity Framework Code First Migrations. Personal notes follow.