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Malbolge looks like a fun programming language.

The Go Developers Almanac

Go is a very enticing language. Not having taken more than a light jump into it, it has all the brevity of what I remember as a student learning C combined with the modern library support of Python today. Wanting to find the Go equivelant of The Java Developers Almanac, I ended up at […]

Running CLIPS on Android

Via here: CLIPS4Android and DROID-CLIPS

CLIPS Language Support for Visual Studio

Very sweet.

The Standard Function Library

The SFL (Standard Function Library) from iMatix is a portable function library for C/C++ programs. The SFL is the result of many years’ development, and is provided as Open Source software for the benefit of the Internet community. The SFL provides about 450 functions that cover these areas: Compression, encryption, and encoding; Datatype conversion and […]

Personal approach for collecting Emacs usage statistics advice?

Lately I’ve been curious whether or not my actual Emacs keymapping usage actually reflects how I think I use it. What I mean is that I have a goal of mapping frequently used operations to easily-accessible keybindings on the keyboard. What I plan to do is to record my usage so that I can study […]

3 articles on Dired that every Emacs user must read

This post will send you to these 3 other posts. Cherish the experience of reading these exquisite expositions of the power of Dired mode. Simply reading them will immediately illuminate the part of your mind that used to say things like “What is the big deal about Dired? I’ll just use Finder/Explorer instead… it is […]

Nice post on using Emacs for Go

Here it is.

Emacs Lisp programmers must know about pcase

Pattern matching is available in a bunch of programming languages. For some reason, I never thought to look for a library in Emacs Lisp for it, and it is here in pcase. There is this weird thing that happens when you start using Emacs Lisp. Unlike other languages where you start learning it for “its […]

Emacs users on OSX should use the YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu release

Today I tried to get pos-tip working. It turns out it will only work with the YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu release which I got out of homebrew. Even stuff which I had setup and then forgotten about now works, like rainbow-mode.