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Linux Window Manager Memory Costs

Here is a great post that mirrors my search for a window manager for one of my virtuals. I couldn’t get JWM working for some reason and ended up with FVWM. Maybe I should have gone with BlackBox instead.

Configuring VNC on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop Over SSH Before Logging In Locally

My goal was to log in to the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop desktop, over a SSH tunnel, using VNC, before anyone was logged into the desktop itself. This scenario occurs because although you may share your desktop over the built in “Desktop Sharing”, you may need to restart the system, and after rebooting you are […]

XMing X Server for Windows

Check out this beautiful X Server for Windows: XMing. It “just works” so well; up and running in about 30s with Putty.