Inviting Non Programmers To Emacs: (A) Super Text Editor

When my friends look at my computer screen I want to invite them to use Emacs. But the name “Emacs”, like Honda or Maserati tells them nothing. Honda and Maserati have advertising everywhere though! So I set a frame title that tells them something about this program! Well, they probably have to like text editors already. And if they do, then they might be interested in a Super text editor.

BTW: I am totally serious about this. I want to invite my friends to use this. Programmers or not, Emacs is still Free Software and that matters for everyone. And I find Emacs to be super. It is super. You and I know that it’s power comes from Lisp and buffers but “Super Text Editor” also works for me.

(setq frame-title-format '("" "%b - Super Text Editor "))

Super Text Editor Screenshot

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