(macOS) Manage Multiple Snippets Of Copied Text With Your Clipboard With Flycut

After using it for a few days I already love it.

Personal examples:

  • I have a document open, and I want copy a few parts from it, into an email. But I don’t want to have to command-tab between the document and the email. So I just comand-c… and then go to my email. I do that all the time.
  • When I care about something that I am reading, a phrase, a word, and I want to remember it… maybe. So, the copy buffer is persistent, and I can go back anytime and look up what I may wanted to use.

Flycut: It’ll Remember It For You (but not Wholesale ).

If you are an Emacser you’ll instantly know and love this as a macOS Kill Ring.

Security concern: persisting sensitive information in your clipboard like this, it is easy to forget about it. Fortunately Flycut doesn’t copy values from password fields. Additionally it keeps it’s data local to your computer never sharing it between your other computers or devices. However, it is just like any other security concern so be careful what you keep in there.

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