The GO suit is ordered

My Aerostich Roadcrafter suit has been ordered!
We had the pleasure to drive up there, hang out with a nice fellow named Jeff, and then I was fitted for a custom suit while Vicky took in the hi-visibilty-green with black-patch high-contrast goodness.
By the way… GO = “Glorified Overalls” :).

5 thoughts on “The GO suit is ordered”

  1. Although I am a great believer in Aerostich and wore a Roadcrafter two piece for 17 years, I was very disappointed in what they call Hi-Viz Lime Yellow. That resulted in my buying different riding gear to replace my Roadcrafter. If Andy does ever produce a real bright Hi-Viz Lime Yellow or I decide to go back to Red I’ll buy another Roadcrafter. Btw, bright Hi-Viz Lime Yellow produces a lot of reflected glare on the instruments of a Concours C-10.

  2. Michael:
    Have you found a real hi-viz elsewhere? I would like to be able to compare them.
    You know I’ve read about 25 in-depth reviews of the Roadcrafter and noone had mentioned the glare. On 2nd thought I guess it is obvious but I sure didn’t think of that; thanks for pointing it out!

  3. There are a number of other jackets available that are much brighter than the Roadcrafter Hi-Viz. Olympia Moto Sports has a number of jackets in Hi-Viz. I gave a lot of consideration to the Olympia AST jacket. The AST is longer than the Roadcrafter jacket which caused me to eventually rule it out do to the way if fit me sitting on my Concours. I also considered the First Gear Kilamanjaro. It has similar venting to the Roadcrafter. I eventually bought a Tourmaster Transition Series II jacket. I ended up returning the first one due to a manufacturing defect. But the replacement seems to be fine. Part of the reason I bought the Tourmaster was the low price. I decided if I could not get what I really wanted I would not spend a lot for a substitute.
    Here is the link to thread on that details my search for a Hi-Viz jacket.

  4. I looked at Motoport jackets but they make a Roadcrafter look inexpensive and funds are tight for me right now. If I spent that type of money I had to be 100 percent sure I would be happy with it. I don’t like one piece suits so I never considered a one piece Motoport or Roadcrafter.

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