Fender extender installed

Saturday night I finished up a project I had started on Friday night, installing a fender-extender on the Connie.

While I hadn’t had any problems with crud getting thrown up from the front wheel, I just didn’t like the idea of that happening. There are a few vendors, but I went with Murph’s Fender Extender. They run a great shop, and cater to Connie owners.
Installation was pretty straightforward. After talking to the guys on the C.O.G. list about it, I realized that it really wasn’t necessary to take off the front wheel or the fender itself; rather I could install it while both were mounted and it would probably be OK. The hardest part was finding the glue.
Reading the directions on Murph’s page I find that they are a little more detailed than what came with the kit! Well, after clamping the thing for 10 hours and on top of that using two steel bolts bonded with red loctite; I think it should stay on there just fine.


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