What is leaking here?

Tonight I noticed a little puddle under the tip of the front cowling on my Connie:

When I sopped some of it up with a tissue, the fluid looked clear and had sort of an acrid/oily smell, unlike gasoline. I think that the fluid dripped down onto the cowling because it was clean in one spot on the left, and I could feel some of that same fluid in that spot, although not very much, like it had nearly evaporated.
What is leaking here?

4 thoughts on “What is leaking here?”

  1. Acrid/oily suggests brake fluid, but the location is odd. Definitely check the master cylinder, though.

  2. I had to replace the coolant bottle on mine this year. Small crack where the hose entered on top was epoxied last year. Crack where the hose connects to the bottom forced me to consider replacing the bottle this year.

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