Debugging an ELPA Package Install on Marmalade

To get started with ELPA packages I started small by trying to package up hide-comnt.el. Marmalade wouldn’t let me upload it though giving me a “520 Bad Gateway error”. Here is the package that I’m testing with.
Here are the steps I have since followed to try to address it:

  1. Guys in #emacs said it might be Internet access. I think it could be Internet access, package format might be wrong, OS issues, or tar might be bad.
  2. Tried first with Chrome on Windows, and then Firefox on Windows. No change.
  3. Tried first with GNU Tar on Windows, and then 7zip on Windows. No change.
  4. Installed Lubuntu 12.04 then tried GNU Tar and Chrome. No change.
  5. On Windows, blew away my manually installed copy of hide-comnt and installed the package (from above) from inside Emacs using ‘package-install-file’. This worked fine; the package installed and worked as expected. The package seems ok since Emacs installed it.
  6. Tried using a web proxy from home and did not get the 502 error, but the file was not uploaded.
  7. Noticed that there is a sample multi-file TAR package here. Think mine is OK but this is a useful reference.
  8. Found this package and tried doing a programmatic upload. It didn’t work, the result was “502 Bad Gateway”.
  9. Tried uploading using 4G on my Android and got the same result, “502 Bad Gateway”.
  10. #2, #5, and #9 make it seem like the package I made is OK and it is not my Internet connection. Only Nic can check, so I’m passing it to him now.

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